12.0.50 crashes previously working project when video is played

Project that was working with video playing, now crashes every time. Converting the video to ProRes does not help.

Video size is 8852 x 768. Has the maximum width changed?

I need to downgrade back to the older version ASAP. Any help on how to do that?

Thank you!

I might be wrong here but I do think the resolution of your videofile is not supported.

The maximum supported resolution is 4096 Ă— 2304 pixels.

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Tried rescaling the original multiple times, it eventually stopped crashing, but still would not play properly— just blurred image, even well under the maximum size,. Did not work until I got it down to 2799x243.

Thank you!

Currently, any resolution higher than Full HD will be cropped. Therefore, high resolutions are not worthwhile anyway.
I don’t want to start again with the fact that the video function in Nuendo really needs an update, but it would be nice … :wink:

The purpose here isn’t high resolution. It is that we are sound designing for a screen that wraps entirely around an audience of 8k people— so this is the video that we have received to work on. We just need to resize it to something that Nuendo can handle. This has proved challenging— causing us to keep re-rendering until we find a magic combination that doesn’t freeze up the video player, or crash Nuendo entirely.

normally i always ask video under 1080p I often had problems above. When working on video mapping with ratios that are weird (200m x 20m) I normally ask portions of the film. Because anyway, at that ratio you don’t see anything how ever big is your screen and you can’t have screens going all around you. So I have a version where the film split in 2 (or more) etc…, I put them on 2 video tracks and “easily” switch for a better view. And one version full at 1080 to see pannings globaly.