12.0.51 - Crash with quick remote selecting "Next Mapping page" with a controller

Dear forumer,

right after installing 12.0.51, I’m experiencing crashes, 100% of the time, with this particular operation: using a controller to select “Next Mapping Page”.
I have a controller, that I use with quick remote. I mapped two pages. All the functions are still working perfectly fine.
Also, I can change between the default page and page 2 with the mouse on the “MIDI Remote Tab” .

WHEN I use the controller to switch pages instead, Cubase crashes.
Please take a look of the screenshots.

Somebody else experiencing this?

I tried with another controller, same issue.
As soon as I use the controller to start the functions “next mapping page” or “previous mapping page” Cubase crashes.

I’m on Monterey 12.6.1, Mac Pro Intel.

Hi @dream, the issue has been analysed and confirmed as being introduced with the 12.0.51 update. Please roll back to 12.0.50 while we’re working on a fix.

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I’m experience the same problem using a Korg nanoKontrol

Thanks for confirming! :slight_smile:

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