12.0.70 release ......is that it? ( worst release notes ever )

I think this has to be the most un-useful release notes ever , what’s happened about all the graphical issues that have been reported to Steinberg in the last months , all the DMP files that Martin has reported to Steinberg because non of them involved third party plugin’s ?
This release according to the releases note doesn’t address any of them .

Really ?
Martin will be on here advising people to update to the latest supported version , why ? how do we know what has been fixed under the hood , if someone had a graphical issue which was Steinbergs error what’s to tell us it’s been fixed in the latest and worth updating …?

Steinberg you are making the updating game like it was 12 years ago ,very risky ,all because you are not explaining what has been addressing under the hood .

0.52 is where is stay , if i do come across any issues and the advice is 'please update to the latest version ’ i want to know this issue has been addressed .

Ranting ? Yes but i think it’s justified considering the amount of Graph2dlp reports there were on .60 and absolutely no mention of any graphical fixes in the release notes


Yep. rather underwhelming, this, 3 months after the previous 12.0.60 release. And strangely, no announcement from @Matthias_Quellmann of any kind. Guess that they aren’t really proud of themselves, as a lot of fixes were expected from an eventual update… :neutral_face:

This said, I just installed it, and it seems to work without any major issue, exactly as the previous 12.0.60 version. Need time for further test…

We all know Steinberg find it hard to acknowledge under the hood issues to customers BUT we need reassurance that things have been addressed otherwise it’s Russian roulette , like back in the (not so ) good old days .
I’m sure they have been hard at work fixing things but with half a page of nothing release notes doesn’t exactly make you feel like risking your neck .

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Kindly consider this scenario:
12.0.60 was planned to be the final maintenence release for version 12. The team is fully working on version 13. Then there is an issue within the VST-SDK and Steinberg deems it to be important enough to tackle it and release a new version of the SDK. However, it requires also the hosts to undergo an update, not only the plugins. 12.0.70 gets released because of this. While working on the release dev management asks the developers if there are any bugfixes/improvements that can be implemented on V12 branch (as all of them are working on the V13 branch). Some minor things can, so they are added to the maintenance release.

This scenario would let you get exactly what we see now.


Says who ?

Please read again.

Duuuhhhh , i get ya now , a blonde moment :rofl:

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All of them are assigned to the teams/developers and processed the common way, as far as I can tell. I’m not aware of any specific crash, which would repeat very often to a big amount of users. If you have any specific in mind, could you please point to it? Thank you.

Because the latest update always contains the most fixes of all releases.


I’m facing recording glithces since I updated to 12.0.70, just to be fair, I tried 2 different machines, 2 different audio interfaces, issue still comes when playing back the audio, so technically there is a spike that is getting recorded in the audio file that i cannot hear while recording.

buffer size is 2048 and the meter is almost sleeping so no load at all.

Now trying to figure out how to go back to 12.0.60 :frowning:

Tried that, downloaded and installed but Cubase remains on .70

probably I’m doing something wrong or I have to remove it completely and install fresh.

  1. Unistall Cubase
  2. On the website linked above, choose your edition of Cubase
  3. Scroll down the next webpage until you see this:

I concur with some of this. I’m so frustrated with Steinberg’s year upon year of NEVER actually fixing all bugs in the previous before releasing yet another new version upon us.