12/8 Time Signature

Hello all. I currently run Cubase Elements 12 and am trying to create a 12/8 time signature. Am I being dense because I can’t find any way of doing this. I’ve opened the tempo track and inserted 12/8 at the beginning but I can’t find any way of changing the crotchet to become a DOTTED crotchet! Surely this is possible??


Do you mean, you want to hear the click as 4/4 in fact?

No, I want to hear the click as 4 dotted crotchets, Sud-divided into 3 quavers per beat as I would expect with a 12/8 time signature.


I believe the Click Patterns are available in Cubase Pro only, sorry.

Yeah, Pro only. It looks like this in Pro - you can make your own click patterns.

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Thank you all for your help (much appreciated). I would’ve thought that creating a 12/8 time signature is a basic in music composition and I’m both saddened and disheartened that it’s not included in the most basic level Cubase (Elements). Oh well, I can’t afford to upgrade at present so back to my tried and tested ‘Logic’ for this project