12 all new Cubase tricks by popular demand.

I am back with 12 more tips!

If you are interested in a LIVE streaming event, please let me know!


OMG. Popular? Really?

Is that commentary really necessary? Have some class

I commented in the other thread, but it’s worth pointing out again that this is very helpful. This format is probably the best I’ve seen in a youtube tutorial of any sort. It’s clear and concise. It’s well organized. Most importantly, I learn something new very quickly and can move on. Thank you.

I edited the original post.

Hope it’s better for you, didn’t mean any offence.


If Greg Ondo, or anyone else who does Club Cubase stuff would take their content and slice the videos up into short topics, like this guy is doing…and without the intro/filler BS, (not referring to Greg, but so many others who waste time trying to be “professional”) I think that would be very appealing. Sure you can do a long Club Cubase and mark where new topics start, but that’ a bit different than a dedicated quick tutorial.

Obviously there are topics that will take a lot longer than these short length videos, but I like his presentation and it seems to be working.