12 projects of tracks into 1


I’d like to try some mastering in Cubase 5. I want to line up all the tracks into one project. Assuming 3 min. for each song; The tracks for song 1 would be as they are [0 to 3min]. The tracks for song 2 would be lined up from 3min. to 6 min. etc…
If I have the 1st song project open, what is the most efficient way to import the remaining songs with there tracks? Is this possible?


I don’t see how you an do this without importing each track of each project to their respective positions but wouldn’t it be really congested to use 1 track to master several songs, times however many tracks you have?

Open the destination project then one of the source projects choosing not to activate it then lasso-select and drag and drop to the destination. The order of the tracks (audio/MIDI/etc.) would have to be the same. Close the first source project and repeat with all desired. It’d be easier with two screens, but can be done with one.

Good to know. Thanks!

thanks, I’ll give that a try


I’m not having any success lassoing all the tracks from the source and dragging them to the destination. if you could describe how you do this, I’d really appreciate it.

Try Shift-Select.