128GB or 64GB RAM

I’m running a PC with a Intel i5 10600K and 32 gigs ram on a Gigabyte Z490 Vision G MOBO.
I use orchestral samples with Kontakt and wondering if I should max out to 128.
I generally use around 70 tracks but would like to increase to 100.

Currently I have to disable a lot of tracks.

Yeah sure max it out, you will then have all the possible resources available!

Makes sense, was thinking of changing my i5 to an i7 also but may just build a slave PC instead.

I think you’d really need to have using some massive orchestral libraries to need 128. .

I agree and often I do.
Just going to max out to 128. May as well…

Not all i7s are faster than i5s. It depends on the model.
I have seen better results of an i5 even comparing it with an i9. Same generation.

These benchmarks are real, and made by users.
I find this site very useful for checking comparisons for cpu, gpu, ram, ssd ,etc.

16 GB for me and never have it full load.

It depends on the use, if you have many kontakt channels like the op then you will definitely load it as your track count gets higher.
If you mostly use audio channels then you need less

Thanks for that link. I have heard similar too.
Appreciate your reply.

Thanks again. Going to grab the 128 Ram.
Take Care.