12ch-multichannel-bus-stream splitting in 12 separte mono-busses?

I have a routing problem: I want to route each channel of a multichannel stream-bus (output of an ambisonics-decoder i.e. 11.1) to 12 separate mono output-channels.
Up to 8 channels it is possible using the sends and then via the solo-function of the mixConvert V6 to seperate the channels. But there are only 8(!) sends. I need at least 11.1 or 22.2.!

There is a function to split a file (> Splitting Multi-Channel Audio Tracks)
But my usecase is a live (!)-multichannel - ambisonics-audiostream.

Do you now a way to split this stream or route it in a diffenrt way?

thanks alot!!

What about 12 parallel multichannel Groups fed from the same input, routed to the individual mono “children” of your target, while soloing each other source channel in the input panel of Mix Convert …?

(… this screenshot uses wrong formats, obviously, but it should give you the idea.)

Thanks alot for the hint! my fault was using multichannel groups. In groups it´s not possible to define the same source, but the solution is using regular multichannel-audio-channels in live-mode. Here you can define the same multichannel-bus as an input-source and feed all of them with the same input-signal and then soloing in MixConvert. That seems to work! Thank you!

But is somewhere documented which yellow triangular is which channel?!? Espaccialy in huge busses its hard to see which levelmeter is playing in solo-mode :exploding_head: try and error

If you don’t mind having channels in input monitoring state to make it work, you also could create all child busses to your multichannel group.
Then create the number of mono audio channels you need, and set the desired child bus as input for the channel (Child busses are clearly labeled).
Less(no) MixConvert Plugins this way
-Audio channels have to be in “input monitoring” state
-Source group Track must not be routed to a destination with a different channel config where it is downmixed. (“no output” is possible though)


ok, this is quite a cool and clean way without the mixconvert!
But: is there a solution without the active input monitoring? I´m not shure if this is longterm proof…