13.0.10 missing audio fader in midi tracks inspector

  • here the audio fader in the inspector of midi tracks is gone, there is the midi fader but not the audio fader
  • it is missing for midi tracks connected to rack instruments, not in instruments tracks

Missing or by design? Can anyone confirm?

Thank you.

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Where is here?

my screen

Looking forward to seeing your screen then.

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Can you quickly show what you mean, compared to C12 please.? Rack instruments always had their own audio channels associated with them (separate to the MIDI track driving them). In some ways, that was the whole point of Instrument Tracks, that they combine the midi and audio control.

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding what you are pointing out…

Thanks for the pictures. You are talking about a MIDI track that is routed to a VSTi.
One idea of the new channel tab was to move the whole audio related stuff from the Inspector of MIDI/Instrument tracks to it. So you will be able to find the audio fader in the new channel tab.
Maybe there is also the possibility to have the audio fader displayed in the Inspector again if you configure the Inspector display (cog wheel). I don’t have C13, so I can’t tell for sure.


This is a midi track routed to a VSTi rack instrument in Cubase 12, the audio fader of the instrument is in the midi track inspector, and if you want there is also the midi fader

In Cubase 13 the audio fader is not in the inspector of the midi track, if I need to use the audio fader I have to open the new channel panel on the left (or to go to Instrument track in the VSTi folder)


this is the point, in the “set up sections” of the inspector, there is a fader tab, but this is the midi fader, not the audio fader; if you need to change the audio fader you have to open the new channel panel on the left or to go to Instrument track in the VSTi folder.

This new channel panel on the left, in my opinion, steals space from the arrangement window, and I would have preferred that the audio channel could also be seen in the inspector (like in Cubase 12) without having to open this additional panel.


Yeah, I get you. Steinberg had an issue with the old style. The audio section was “nested” into the MIDI section and that led to some trouble e.g. with pinning open a section. It was discussed here on the forum to some extend and announced by Steinberg staff that this would see a major change.
TL;DR: The old style blocked Steinberg in some ways, thus the new style now.

So…by design, no hope

Thank you all.

watching my screen now, this is a little strange because the audio inserts and sends and the direct routing are still in the midi track inspector, only the audio fader is no longer there.

Yeah, I do not understand this change. I now get to do the same thing I could do in previous versions, only using more space now. Why?

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Really? Oh, well, then it is maybe an oversight and not by design. Only Steinberg could let us know.

Yes we must have the option to have the fader back. I’m sure the new Chanel thing is cool for former Logic users and laptops but the inspector should not have omitted the VSTi audio fader for large screens. Disappointing.

By design but not necessarily carved in stone… ehm… code :wink:
There is currently some reconsideration regarding this topic. No details yet, though.

It would be nice to have the audio fader back in the midi inspector, also the audio routing… Thank you for your answer.

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Steinberg - please, please, please, undo this. First thing I noticed about Cubase 13 and because of it, I immediately went back to Cubase 12. This is poorly thought out and really messes with my workflow.

The next maintenance update will bring back the MIDI Fader in a section of its own, so it can be displayed along the audio fader for midi tracks routed to instruments.

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A sigh of relief, great!

So spent 15 min and this is one on the main reason i just want to womit. Aint going to buy that version. This is what is happening with steinberg last 5 or more years. Development is down to garbage and users have become beta testers. The ones that are recomending or advising on developing engineering clearly arnt producing any single tune in them life. Im not going to dive into steinbergs vst instruments effects or audio sample packs, they are done by persns who have never in them life heard any single real instrument take it either guitar or piano, on stienbergs instruments they sound nothing like they should. Time to swap the platform You aint see this sort of things happening in ableton or anyhwre else. (edited by request, sure thing aint reason to be rude, still all the points made remain valid)