13 Practical Requests

Here are 13 requests I have which I believe shouldn’t be too technically difficult, and I feel they shouldn’t require like a complete rework of the entire code from bottom up or anything. They are more-so requests that require a VERY subtle/slight modification of things that already exist, but despite the subtle modification would bring HUGE workflow improvements.

Let me know what practical requests you guys have!

  1. **Audio Editor Grid reflects Snap size**

Currently, the grid in the audio editor is static and won’t change to reflect the snap size that i currently have selected. It would great if it could work like the midi editor or the main project window where the grid changes to reflect the snap size you have selected.

  1.  **Bezier curves/smart automation for midi cc's.**

The bezier curves for automation tracks on the project window was one of the best add-ons of all time!!! It would be great to extend this feature to MIDI CC’s and I think I’ve seen a lot of other people request this as well.

  1.  **Multi track free warp**

I’ve seenn a bunch of other people request this as well and it makes sense. If you’re trying to warp a group of audio, it would be nice if you could do it all at once. That would make things so much faster/easier.

  1.  **Allow event slide/moving in audio editor**

The new visual overlay for the audio editor that can show multiple audio tracks is in my opinion one of the best new features of cubase 10. It’s very helpful for manually aligning (or purposefully offsetting/misaligning) audio tracks. But sometimes you want to slide audio instead of warp it. But currently there is no way for you to view the overlay of two or more tracks while you move an audio track.

  1.  **Option to allow events to retain their color after being put into a folder track**

I hate spending a lot of time on color coding tracks/events, just to have that color coding completely ruined when I drag a track into a folder. There might be cases where people want all the tracks in a folder to be the same color, but it’s so easy to select multiple tracks and color them the same than it is to do the opposite. And it’s always so disheartening to spend a lot of time color coding things and just have it be instantly nullified. Please give me the option to keep my audio events the color I set them to, even when placing them in folders!

  1.  **Vari audio: draw in the pitch of pitch warps**

In revoice, you can draw in the pitch curves for the pitches you are changing. Seeing as how you can already tilt pitches and adjust pitches off the pitch grid, I don’t see why you can’t just draw in the pitch how you’d like it to be. This would be amazing.

  1.  **Vari audio: allow straighten curve to be a negative value**

Sometimes, if I’m editing a vocal or other audio, there might be a spot that has vibrato, but I would like the vibrato to be more prevalent. It would be nice to allow the straighten curve variable to have a negative value so that I can accentuate vibrator in places.

  1.  **Vari audio: allow tilt to come after pitch straighten, so you can straighten and then tilt**

Sometimes I would like to straighten a pitch curve, and then have that curve go up/down. Right now, if I want a curve to go up and down, straightening a curve gets rid of the til I put on that curve. It would be great if there was an option to make the pitch straighten come BEFORE the pitch tilt so I can tilt after straightening.

  1.  **Disable auto scroll when dragging away, not just 'suspend'**

I like how you can change the auto scroll to focus the cursor to the middle of the screen (I think this is new in v 10 but I could be wrong). But I HATE the auto scroll. So many times I will enable auto scroll, and then I’ll find a piece of audio I’d like to edit really quick so I turn auto scroll off, but then it automatically activates again and takes me away from the view/area I was working on. I can’t see how that would ever be helpful. It just constantly annoys me. Having an option to completely disable the “auto scroll” feature would be awesome.

  1.  **Option to disable ability to drag locators by clicking by the top of the timeline**

So often I just want to move the cursor to a spot on the timeline, but I accidentally click the locator/cycle region and slide it instead because the real estate of the two sections is so small and there are no visual indicators of the border between the two. I never ever have a reason to dragon the cycle region around. I always either manually set my locators or I use the key command to set the locators to selected event. It would be nice to have an option to just disable that dragging of the cycle region. It slows me down a lot and frustrates me.

  1.  **Have windows/panels/plugins stay visible when clicking outside cubase**

If I want to drag and drop something from my desktop or a folder outside of cubase into a plugin, I have to play this game where it has to be done in less than a fraction of a second otherwise the plugin window disappears and it won’t work. It would be great to allow panels to stay open even when other windows are activated. I know that some IL plugins can do this like wavecandy. But it would be great to have this option for all plugins.

  1.  **Option on a plugin window to keep it open during a "close all plugins" command**

Often time I will have a 5+ plugin windows open at once. This can get messy so I use the “close all plugins” key command often. However, there are certain plugins that I would like to be omitted from that command. If I have izotope’s insights up, I would like that to remain up while at the same time closing my instruments and effects plugins. So, if there was an option to set a plugin window to opt out of that “close all plugins” command, it would be very helpful!

  1.  **Better oscilloscope than 'multiscope'**

I love having an oscilloscope running while I’m working on any/every project. I often find it helpful to see the dynamics of the music in real time as I work on it. If a spectogram is the equivalent of an EQ dispaced over time, then an oscilloscope would be the equivalent of an audio meter dispaced over time. And just as it can be useful to see how the an EQ changes over time instead of just seeing the momentary value, it can be useful to see the exact volume of a track or of the whole mix over time instead of just an instant/momentary value. But, the only oscilloscope in Cubase is the ‘multiscope’ which gives you such a small window of time that it’s useful for this purpose.

Oh and one more

  1. Export to video
    I just saw this one posted by someone else. I think it’s a request that I made a while ago but forgot about. Having this feature would make it so easy for me to do video remixes and stuff like that. It would also make it easy to render previews of film that have been scored to and stuff like that. I’m not sure if this is a ‘practical’ request or not though. Because I feel like this might require quite a bit of coding or changes.
  1. Automatically Use Preset Name when dragging in FX presets or FX chain presets to new track
    I’m just discovering how much time dragging fx directly onto the project or into an fx chain can save me. It would be great to automatically rename the track to the preset name when you drag an effect preset or an effect chain preset to a new track. This would really perfect this new feature and help keep things clean and organized.

11 can be done. You have to disable the always on top option for that window.

Oh hey thanks! That will come in handy. Is there no way to have it stay on top AND have it stay open then? If not, it would be nice to have that. I really don’t like my plugins getting lost behind other windows.

Bezier curves on audio files!

That’s a good one! Like when you’re drawing the actual gain curve on the audio event directly, it would be nice if you had more control than just straight lines! :smiley:

    • we still need it!