1394 cable

After using my MR816csx successfully for a few years, I’m having trouble with a newly built machine. Just begun troubleshooting. Works fine with Wavelab, but as soon as I open a project in Cubase, the lights start whizzing around like it’s lost clock sync.

One of the murkier pieces of advice in the troubleshooting memo above is “Use the 1394 cable that came with the unit.” I frankly don’t know which cable around here came with the unit. It’s certainly not the one I have been using sucessfully. Plus, I need a longer one, now, as my new machine won’t fit in the space next to my rack containing the MR816. This leaves me wondering:

What is the spec of the original cable, and why is it so special. Surely it isn’t unique in some non-replicable way. What should I look for in a replacement?

Problem solved.

While falling asleep I remembered something from a ways back. I changed the driver for the 1394 card to the ‘Legacy’ driver in Windows 7. That solved the problem.

There were discussions about this a few years back on the board. In retrospect, I’m surprised that isn’t one of the steps outlined in the section, “Solving Problems…” It should be. It would’ve saved me a little time (and some minor heartburn).