13x19 Paper

This size is still missing from score setup. It’s a common size for larger inkjet printers…

I got you covered, as I already had it in my “additional page sizes” doricolib file. Just unzip the file below, and copy the doricolib file to your user DefaultLibraryAdditions folder. The next time you start Dorico it should be available as a preset, along with some other commonly used sizes.

Additional Page Sizes.zip (802 Bytes)


Great addition, Todd! I might study it and build one for us european folks (there are different B4 flavours that appear to be very useful for music).


There is ISO B-series, and Japanese (JIS) B-series, the latter of which is slightly bigger. Unsurprisingly, laser printers designed in Japan often include the JIS size in their drivers, and don’t always include the ISO size, leading to all sorts of confusion.

The ISO B sizes are exactly halfway between the A sizes. B5 (176 x 250mm) is very close in size to the old Octavo size used for choral scores. However, I’ve found it almost impossible to get hold of paper stock cut to B sizes in the UK.


Most metric countries use ISO paper standards. But regarding B sizes, I find them impossible to obtain here in Australia, and you can only get them as custom trims when using a commercial print house.

Amusingly I think, there’s something really nice about B series for music. Just seems a better fit to me (call me mad!).

I always think the official German standard Klavierformat is just the exact right size for piano scores. Forget about trying to buy a ream of that!

[Pardon my post -it’s one of my hobbyhorses.]


They’re very difficult (and pricy) to get them here, so the solution seems to get A3 and have it cut…

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Indeed. Though, weirdly, it’s exactly the same ratio as A series.

Wow! Thank you so much!

BTW, how did you get the whole list to show? Dorico truncates it for me…


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Sure, hack away! You just have to convert all the dimensions to points. Other than that, it’s pretty simple to add whatever sizes you commonly use.

The sizes that are available to paper suppliers are often quite different from the sizes that are available to consumers. For parts bound accordion-style, my standard part size is 9.5" x 12.5". It’s not cut down from something only slightly larger though, but cut from flats of 25" x 38", which is a standard size for suppliers. A single sheet of 25" x 38" yields exactly 8 sheets of 9.5" x 12.5" without any waste, which is one reason why I suspect it was a standard size in the manuscript paper era.

You can always contact a commercial paper supplier and see what they can do. IIRC, the cutting fee is a flat rate with our supplier, so about 20 of us composers/arrangers/copyists go in on a large order once a year or so to make it economical. I’m not the one that actually places the order, so I’m not sure exactly what that cost is for us.

Hmm, I don’t know, that’s just how it appears for me. I’m on PC if it makes a difference. Maybe screen resolution could matter too? I don’t think I’ve seen that need to be truncated before.

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Works fine here on a Mac


I’m on PC, 4k screen scaled at 100%