14/8 beaming using a 7/4 time signature

I’m trying to notate a 4+3+4+3 eighth note groupings, but in a 7/4 time signature.

The only way I can get it to beam correctly is to use 14/8, but is there a way to get 7/4 to look like this?

Screen Shot 2023-06-23 at 9.58.02 PM

Have you checked out the properties? There’s a setting for Time signatures that modifies the way the ratio is displayed (not in front of my computer to check it out myself)
Edit: sorry, I think it works witg common Time signatures, my bad.
The first thought I had reading your post is that uou should write it using brackrts to show Dorico the groupings you need, like that
[2+1.5+2+1.5]/4 but I don’t remember if we can use non-integer values in that field.

You will need to fake it slightly. You can get this beaming with an aggregate time signature shift-m 2/4:3/8:2/4:3/8 Use a normal 7/4 time signature in the first bar and change the beaming manually. Put the aggregate time signature in the second bar and hide it (using the properties panel).

If you don’t want to do that, you could use manual beaming to create one bar, then copy it and overwrite different notes using lock duration (L) and the beaming should be retained (IIRC)

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What you could do is input your 14/8 with customized beat grouping (i.e. [4+3+4+3]/8 entered into the time signatures popover) in the second bar, and input a 7/4 time signature in the first bar. You can hide the 14/8 time signature, and then you only need to fix the first bar’s beaming/note grouping manually, all subsequent bars will follow the hidden 14/8 time signature.