14-digit UPC in WL7

I’m often supplied with 14-digit UPCs, but WL7 only accepts up to 13 digit UPCs.

I usually drop the first zero (so far, all the codes I’ve been given start with ‘00’) but a Japanese client is questioning this.

Any thoughts?


Everyone seems to say that 14 digit is GTIN-14:

I’m pretty sure you’re correct to drop the leading zero, but the safest thing to do would be to ask your client to ask whoever he got the GTIN from if that is the correct way to convert to 13 digit UPC/EAN.

Adding leading zeros is the way to get from UPC/EAN to GTIN, so I assume removing is the way to do the reverse.

Assuming your client’s number is GTIN.

Thanks for the info.

You’re welcome. Thanks for bringing it up. I’ve wondered myself, and believe I’ve seen GTIN before. For even more explanation, there’s this:

where they seem to say that GS1 administers GTIN and takes into account all UPC, EAN, etc., and that 14 digit is needed in the future because they’re going to run out of numbers in the 12 and 13 digit UPC/EAN. I guess CD will finally have to go away at that point if there’s no way to encode 14 digits. :slight_smile:

Also, I’ve seen elsewhere talk of possibly dropping the trailing check digit from GTIN to go to UPC/EAN, but I’m pretty sure that’s not correct.

On all of this, I’m certainly not an expert. Just finding out myself, and open to correction.