14" Macbook Pro questions

Hi all, I am currently using an Intel 16" MBP which is on loan from a bandmate who wasn’t using it. It is a great machine from the power point of view however the fan noise is pretty distracting. In any event I’m going to have to give it back to him, so I am looking for a replacement and fancy the 14" form factor, so I have a few questions for current users.

  1. Do you ever hear the fans? I hate fan noise!
  2. Do you use an external monitor? Does the adaptive screen rate thingy work with external monitors, if so is it worth getting a 120Hz monitor - I realize the HDMI port only does 60! Also, any issues using an external monitor with the lid closed?
  3. My audio interface is thunderbolt 2 (MOTU 828ES) - any issues using the thunderbolt 4 ports with Th 3->2 adaptor?
  4. I have Cubase 12 but need to use 10.5 for compatibility with other band members - any issues with Rosetta 2? I also use Komplete 12, do the NI plugs work with Rosetta? As far as I can tell, only Kontakt and Massive are M1 native.
    5)Any problems with reliability? Or any other issues I should be aware of?
    Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom!
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I have the same interface, currently connected via thunderbolt 3 port to my laptop (using a Startech adaptor). Since I’m about to buy a new PC with thunderbolt 4 ports, I’m wondering if it will work.

I have a razer laptop with tb4 ports, unfortunately connecting my 828es causes it to bluescreen instantly. Fortunately USB works ok. I haven’t raised a ticket with MOTU about it though they have been very good on previous occasions I’ve needed support.
Hence my reason for asking the question, and also for getting a Mac!