16 bit only? Gutted!

Just bought the app then discovered it was only 16 bit!
Really didn’t expect that from Steinberg… How very disappointing! :frowning:
They are all over this already at gearstutz… Let’s hope 24 bit is implimented in an update sooner rather than later!
Otherwise this is a great app…

Please, it’s a sketch tool, export midi instead of audio and Cubase will use full daw resolution and Halion Sonic kits
Cubasis being 16bits being a dealbreaker? That thread on GS is retarded, Please get a life…

Love it! SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

‘Get a life’! There is no need to be impolite Raphie… Cubasis didn’t need to be limited to a ‘sketch tool’ as you put it. I got it to use with my RME UCX as a serious portable multitrack recording tool. What’s wrong with that? I already have GarageBand if I want to ‘sketch’ something out… Luckily I also have Auria, so it’s no big deal anyway…

I think for $50 one would expect more than a sketch tool. For the same price there is a real pro app that has everything including 24 bit 96 kHz recording with pro FX from pro companies. As a long time user of Cubase I expected more from Steinberg and I’m sure their aware of the competition at the same price. At this point your right it’s just a sketch tool and a repeat of some other apps that are cheaper and offer even better FX and mixing. 16 bit 44.1 kHz is a 1983 format rarely used by any Daw I know of today to record in. For now Cubasis will sit on my iPad but rarely will I use it until the upgrades are completed.

Shouldn’t you guys be on the AURIA forum? AURIA looks cool too.
Also don’t confuse internal mixing with bit depth mixdown output :wink:

What can AURIA record and mixdown to without external audio interface?

I wonder if you are as rude this to your customers?

Also master of the obvious I see!

Really ?!? Needing a 3rd account to start getting close and personal? Wow…
Let me guess: long time lurker, 1st time poster… :mrgreen:

Bye now, going to enjoy a bit more Cubasis.

Wrong… One account actually. I just changed my user name as the other one was wrong…
And I was a member of this forum when it was first launched… As I last used it so long ago, I simply forgot my details…
Also just to point out that I am not trying to be anonymous, as you seem to imply… All my personal details are fully available to everyone… So if you would like to get in touch outside the constraints of this forum, please feel free! :mrgreen:

No worries, to be honest, I was quite anoyed with the topic on GS, The iPad is still a toy, getting better, but still not on PC DAW level. Then the 1st thing that people start to moan about is that it exports to 44.1 / 16 which is fine for a toy, most people listen VBR MP3, 99.9% of commercial releases are 44.1/16, nearly all IPad users “release” on soundcloud. (128kbit bitrate) and first thing a few hobbyist moan about is bitrate/samplerate it’s just plain pathetic. I mean read the topics on same GS, read about nyquist, read about converters performing actually worse at 96/192
A LOT has been written on that topic, conversion is the killer.

The least concern, at least IMHO should be the abillity to mixdown to anything higher than 44/16, which btw says nothing about how Cubasis handles summing internally. (AURIA does this 64bit)
Regarding the plugins, i judge them by sound, not by GUI. CUBASIS is spot on for ergonomics, a DAW full of plugs that try to look like outboard, but sound “inspired” at most, are a waste of time, money and resources in my book.
Remember, it all comes down to math and filters, wooden sidepanels on a GUI mean jack poop.

Being “gutted” over that, just sounds really strange to me, would 96/24 export be nice? Sure, would I use it? Probably not, as you would use a full daw with decent monitoring for those tasks.

Appreciate the iPad and it’s programs for what it is, a nice TOY, good to put down some ideas on the go, but never a full i7 based DAW replacement, the price is a toy price too.