16 Channel Interface for Cubase 13

Since my 3 x MR816x are useless now, and I can’t get the dropouts to go away, what would you all recommend for 16 audio inputs with Cuebase 13?

10Gen i7
32 GB of mem
1 x 500GB boot/ apps SSD
1 x 2TB internal Spinner to record on


First, I would test the system by using LatencyMon utility.

Personally I switched from MR816 to an RME-Audio interface long time ago. Without changing anything else on the computer I was able to work trouble-free, the constant dropouts disappeared.

I use the MR816 as a AD/DA converter now. Also the two headphone outputs come in handy from time to time.

If Adat lightpipe is ok for you you could get something like the Digiface and then connect all 3 MRs via Adat.


If you are looking for a great soundcard I can confirm the RME Digiface is great. So if you can use your old stuff as preamps that could be a great solution, but not that the card is digital and needs a DAC. RME has great drivers/latency and will last you a long time, guaranteed.
If you want to buy something new and affordable The Audient EVO 16 works great for a friend and can be expanded. It is a great value for money if it fits your workflow.

BUT - as Martin said - check latency mon - a new soundcard won’t guarantee you get rid of your dropouts.


I removed 1 out of 3 MR816 interfaces for a test, and it worked for one night. The next day, it was back, and the front 2 inputs were blinking funny like the first one did. So, I bypassed them and routed them through I removed one out of three MR816 interfaces for a test and it worked fine for one night. However, the next day, the drop outs weres back to its previous state, and the first two inputs were blinking in a strange way, just like the first one did. To resolve this issue, I decided to bypass these inputs and instead routed all the tracks to a steaero track through my Mackie USB. I used this setup to record my band’s practice last night, and it worked great. Although it only allows four inputs, it was a good workaround to bypass the MR816 and isolate the problem. evereythibg was working fine until upgrading to cubase 13

what you wrote hardly makes any sense to me at all. In the way that I don’t know what you are talking about.
2 flashing lights at the front? Which ones? The signal-in indicators (SIG/PEAK)?
Only allows 4 inputs? Is this an analog-to-analog connection?