16 Inserts x 4x Insert Pages = 64 Inserts. Custom routing /page: Left Channel, Series/Parallel, etc

It may seem ridiculous, but it’s actually very applicable to today.

First of all, computers are very powerful and we should be exploiting this power to make music and new sounds in the world :peace_symbol: :dove:

With the application of Surround Sound and Atmos, we are dealing with more and more channels and thus, may require more and more inserts configured in complex channel splits.

Cubase users have always wanted more Inserts, first beyond the 8, then beyond the 16.

More advanced mixing techniques like Mid/Side are very normalized

Allows for advanced project templating strategies


  • Copy/Paste Pages
  • Solo Pages
  • Bypass Individual Pages
  • Disable Individual Pages
  • Remove/Reset pages
  • Can be used as ABCD
  • Advanced Signal
    Path/Channel Editor
  • Render/Export Individual
  • Pages Presets (compatible with current Effect Chain Presets, but, Effect Chain presets would now include ABCD as entire Effect Chain preset)

Advanced Editor

  • Assign Pages to Channels (Left, Right, Center, Back Stereo, etc)

  • Assign Pages to Mid/Side

  • Change routing configuration,
    Series/ Parallel Mix

  • Change Order of Pages - ex: ABCD to BDCA, etc

  • Advanced MIDI/CC/Control Macro Matrix, Modulation, Automation, Quick Control, Control Offsets, Splits, Inverts, etc, etc, etc

  • Reference Nugen SigMod for Advanced Editor ideas.

Would be awesome!

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Wow would be so amazing.

Hmm… seems a bit unclear to me and reading the OP as a whole there are a few things that don’t really make sense to me. First of all having 64 inserts would satisfy an incredibly small amount of users. Even if you manage to figure out some reason for why you’d want that many plugins in series the delay would likely be atrocious. Just imagine whatever delay you have right now with say 8 inserts filled and multiply that by 8.

Secondly, if the inserts are supposed to be in parallel and another argument is that we have all these different formats above 5.1 then multiply the channel count by the amount of pages instead. So a 7.1.4 mix with 4 parallel paths equals 48 channels in one track and then those 12x4 channels have to be summed back to 7.1.4 again at the end of the path.

Not sure what happens to sends if the one path is split up that way come to think of it.

Then take the idea that pages are assigned to separate channels - wouldn’t you need an amount of pages equal to the amount of channels then? In other words if you only have 4 insert pages and you assign a channel to a page then you have at most 4 channels, or “Quad”. In order to be able to do this in 7.1.4 you’d need 12 pages. Of course you could do it with less, but then why the limit and why would the limit be at any given place? It would be a certain that some users would complain because it would seem arbitrary.

I guess I don’t really see which problems this relatively complicated functionality solves.