16 track audio recording on android tablet Tab s7+ with soundcraft ui24r possibility?

Anybody checked if it’s possible? Or maybe new Ipad Pro?

I’m using an 18 channel Behringer XR18, and have access to all 18 channels on my 2018 iPad Pro.

I’m not sure the Android version supports audio interfaces. Also, I’m doubtful you’ll find the range of pro-grade plug-ins that are on the IOS market for purchase on an Android device.

meaning you record those 18 track simultaniously on the ipad pro with no issues?

I’ve never recorded 18 simultaneously, but I have done 8 tracks at once.

I’m not concerned about using all 18 simultaneously. The interface and Daw are communicating. The number of tracks is simply a function of the size of the audio interface.

As I said, I suspect that Cubasis in Android:

  1. Lacks audio interface support
  2. Isn’t supported by plug-ins from 3rd parties.

@Lars, please advise if I’m incorrect.

Hi @dovjgoldman,

Thanks for your message.

There are some feature differentiations between Cubasis for iOS and Android, which are listed on our Cubasis comparison page:

  1. Lacks audio interface support

Cubasis for Android offers limited audio and MIDI hardware support only, Steinberg does not currently guarantee full compatibility.

Here, we suggest to give our freely downloadable Cubasis LE 3 Trial version a try, to test drive the a smaller feature set of the app with your Android and audio devices.

  1. Isn’t supported by plug-ins from 3rd parties.

Unfortunately, on Android there are no comparable formats/extensions available such as Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio or Audios. Same goes for 3rd party instrument and or effects plug-ins on Android.

Hope that helps!