16 Years of Cubase Love....Not One Complaint EXCEPT...

Please for the LOVE OF GOD…

…GET HOUSE OF WHITE TIE the next time you guys want to redesign the MixConsole.

This guy is an ABSOLUTE HERO!


If C7 looked like this…no one would see me…they’d entomb me in the studio like a mummy…

and btw PDC is randomly fritzing out with external instruments. DMG equality, Izotope Ozone 5 and of course UAD are all causing issues…but in 6.5 we’re fine.

Dennis Ferrer

that mixer is absolutely fantastic!!!

love at first sight :open_mouth:

I’ve been using that FREE theme with Reaper for some time. It’s elegant to say the least. Works great too!

White Tie is incredibly talented.


Realy unbelievable design!!!

Cubase is the best daw ever made, but with house of white tie it would be even more “da bomb”!!!

Aloha guys,


Sorry, I do not agree.

I do not like the look of it.

Dennis Ferrer - you had a real rant in Gearslutz on the same lines. If you don’t like the mixconsole in C7 then go and use the Reaper mixer as is your choice. Leave us to learn and enjoy the new features of C7 and we will all be happy.

And you’re not the only one. Other Reaper users, while loving the graphical look, found some the elements hard to work with. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But White Tie is one talented guy. For me, C7’s mixer is headed in the right direction. Future iterations I’m hoping will take care of some the more obvious issues.


I’ve never used Reaper, nor do I plan to but to say this doesn’t look better is asinine.

I don’t think the OP was in anyway inferring that Reaper>C7. He was just comparing the asthetics and IMHO, this blows away what C7 looks like…

But, it’s what’s under the hood that counts…so we Stay with Cubase :nerd:

Wow…that’s some beautiful work. Personally, I’d love the Cubase 7 mixer to be more like that. I’m not a fan of it’s current look at all.

If the C7 mixer looked like that, it would almost certainly persuade me into upgrading.

In my view so much better than the wishy-washy appearance of the present effort.

I personally do not care for the new mixer in 7 with the somewhat oversized faders that turn gaudy colors, the little puffy buttons that don’t look like the rest of the app, even the rounded channel scrollbar… The whole thing just seems out of place with the rest of the app, like it was stolen from some other package and dumped in. Same for the Channel Settings. Functionally I guess it’s fine, but visually it’s just kind of an oddity. I prefer the overall look of C6 a lot more, but like anything, I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

It’s beautiful. Love the new mixer, but more color options would be more than welcome :slight_smile:

I don’t really care about the look, that’s something one gets used to sooner or later.

What’s really a mess in Mix Console is that things don’t have a fixed place anymore, too much scrolling. Too much mouse clicking/right clicking, way less overview with plugin names, pre/post status. It’s much like live mixing on a digital desk - layers, layers, layers that force the engineer to be 100 % conscious about what state the mixer currently has before doing anything.

Also the GUI is sensitive to mouse clicks in a strange manner. Click at the ‘wrong’ place in a ‘cell’ - something you didn’t want will happen. Formerly we had defined buttons available while in Cubase 7 we have context sensitive areas that differ depending on the horizontal zoom level. Setting a zoom level that works comfortably with ‘cells’ provides ‘steamrolled’ width of faders, toyish look, just a few channels on the screen.

To repeat myself: key commands provided for Mix Console in current version 7.02 are not sufficient. Some important ones for tailoring the mixer to my (and probably others) workflow are missing. Hiding ‘racks’ - not available. Collapsing racks - not available (just toggling works - as a side effect there are twice as much keystrokes neccessary to get a mixer view that was accessable with just one before plus we have to fire up key commands in a certain sequence now to avoid unwanted results… :imp: ).

Sorry for literally hijacking this thread to repeat my complaints about the workflow in Mix Console. Being a pretty relaxed guy usually I shake my head about what b…s…t the designers of Cubase 7 might have been forced to program into it by the marketing department, each single time I use it (believe me, I’m trying to like it). I get some of the ideas but what we got presented in C7 is an impertinance for any professional (day by day) user. The channelstrip + track pictures are gimmicks and even the pretty cool fast access EQ window + advanced track display/hide/rearrange options won’t balance the tremendous number of shortcomings.

Sorry again for even hijacking it further, guess I could fill many pages…

And yes, that White Tie-thing looks pretty cool and usable :wink:

… double post…

how long until Cubase gets the ability to load mixer “themes”. ie “VSTm”.

i want to be able to buy and download and install custom mixer themes Steinberg. seriously its time.

That White Tie reaper theme is an absolute corker…amazing. makes the cubase mixer look like a toy.


all dance producers move to reaper if you like the “theme” looks , it’s all gloss , ikd prefer to have the look of cubase 2.1(atari )with perfect timing ,no latency or dodgy gaphic’s … more graphics= more CPU usage

Seems none of these people ever used Cubase VST back in the day. Steinberg have chosen to move away from this kind of GUI.
The idea of GUI overlays however, I must admit, would be interesting… :bulb:

Yep, it looks good but it’s hard to see how it would ‘scale up’ so that I could see more than 16 channels (just a first thought )
It’s more art than functionality perhaps?

I just tried out the demo out of curiosity. Pretty impressed. Program loads in 5 seconds, feels super snappy and responsive. Cubase feels like an old, tired dog by comparison!

If I had time to learn a new DAW, I’d be tempted. Sadly, I don’t.