16gb RAM vs 32gb RAM in Windows

Hi, I’m choosing a new laptop for work at Nuend. I’ll probably still stick with Windows. Will 16gb of RAM be enough without problems, or will the performance in Nuend be better with 32gb of RAM - would I know the difference? Thank you

If you are doing music using lots of RAM heavy plugins / instruments, then I would recommend 32!

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I’d suggest 32GB. RAM is one of those things where so long as you have enough, more doesn’t do anything for you, but if you don’t have enough life is painful. For the most part, 16GB does the trick. If you are gaming, or surfing, or even a lot of audio stuff you’ll stay under that and all is well. However, it is easy to go over it when you start playing with sampled virtual instruments since samples are massive these days. If you run out of RAM, you’ll be in the situation of having to bounce tracks and shuffle things around more than you’d want.

Given that RAM doesn’t tend to be too expensive, I’d get 32GB. Goes double if you are getting the kind of laptop where it is soldered on the board and can’t be upgraded later. You might not need it, but if you do, you’ll be glad you’ve got it.


Definitely get 32Gb or more! You won’t regret it. On the other hand - if you’re buying a PC laptop, do compare the price of getting one with 32 gb preinstalled vs one with 16 preinstalled and buying an extra RAM-stick and installing it yourself.


Some instruments are heavy in RAM usage, for example the Vibrant package with Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer pianos. Projects with these instruments are troublemakers on my LapTop with 16 GB.
I have 32gb in my workstation and that has been fine until today.

It also depends on processors. Laptops often have processors that incorporate the Graphics Engine and that uses the ram as video memory. So a part of your memory is not available. Depends also on screen size. 2 large ext. UWHD screens can eat some gb of memory.