16th note rests in cut time have strange default behavior

In cut time, or 2/2 time, if you have a passage of 16th notes broken up by rests, the rests will either be treated as dotted eighth rests or an eighth followed by a 16th rest:
The same notes in 4/4 behave correctly:
I’ve tried various notation options but none of them seem to address this… is there something I’m missing? I can fix these manually through “force position and duration” but there’s quite a lot of them in this project I’m currently working on…

It’s been mentioned before that we need more notation options related to cut time, so hopefully they will address this particularly egregious example soon. In the meantime:

  1. You can accept dotted eighth rests exclusively by choosing it under the rests section of notation option
  2. You can hide 4/4 meters as needed. Be aware that in ensemble work, those can break multi-rests, however, alt-entering them on individual staves as needed will not create that issue.
  3. You can use “force durations” on a single beat or a whole bar; copy, then paste and repitch. That can work really fast once you get used to it.

This specific case certainly has the smell of a bug about it. We’ll look into it.