16th note swing playback

Hi all,

I’m currently using the trial version of Dorico Pro 3 and I really like the vast amount of new features.

I do believe the 16th note swing playback seems to have a little bug. If I write a 16th note triplet in the score (4/4 time) the audio engine plays it as is written, which it should. However, the engine plays the two remaining 16th notes of that beat straight. It doesn’t matter if the rhythmic figure is 16th triplet plus two 16th notes or vice versa (See pic, beat 3 and 4). In both cases the notes are played straight, whereas (if I’m not mistaken) I believe they should swing. (Splitting the triplet from the two 16th notes does not make a difference in playback)

It’s a minor thing that can easily be solved manually in Play Mode. I just wanted to report it to the team.


This may be tempo-related. Check Playback Options/Timing and click Edit… and either uncheck “tempo dependent” or change the values to a more suitable value.

I’ve run into this problem several times with 16th note swing - the default settings have resulted in straight 16th playback in all scores I’ve written so far - maybe the defaults for 8th note swing and 16th note swing should be reexamined.

Thanks for your reply.

Unchecking ‘tempo dependent’ or changing the values unfortunately does not seem to work for me.

Just to clarify, regular 16th notes do swing during playback. Only the two 16th notes attached to a 16th note triplet are played straight.

I can confirm that Dorico won’t currently play half-beats swung where the other half of the beat contains a triplet, but I’ll look into supporting this in future.

Thank you Daniel