18-button mouse for cubase! (?)

perhaps a great mouse for cubase?


anyone tried?



nice mice…



Aloha Central,
Great ideas!

After looking at those mouses (mice?) and all the possible functions you could do in Cubase with them
I thought, instead of real buttons, why not (many more) arrangeable
virtual buttons laid out on an iPad.

Now is there an app for that?

Love those mice tho’


Do a search for ‘PowerKeys’ on the apple App Store… It lets you lay out buttons on a touch device, each with a keyboard command.

It’s an iPhone app… I had it set up nicely with a load of buttons for Cubase. Never tried it on the iPad… But it might be worth a try!


hmmm as far as I know I can´t even use my scroll wheel to scroll up and down in the editors in Cubase right now…unless i´m missing something.

Aloha lee
and thanx for that. I’ll check it out.

Well … maybe? But I think these are essentially geared towards gamers.

As an obsessive-compulsive collector of nearly every i/o device known to the PC … as well as more midi controllers than I can plug into 3 computers … I think this device, which is in the same price ballpark, with it’s jog wheel and programmable keystrokes is infinitely superior to anything these mice could do.



I use a Belkin Nostromo (earlier version of Belkin’s n52te ) with a mouse for gaming, 15 fully programable buttons and a programable pad but can’t program the wheel, never thought of using it with Cubase.
Newer versions come in two flavors, some use software and others have onboard memory to store saved keystrokes and macros.
I imagine the latter would be better with cubase.
There is also a device from Logitec called the G13 that may be worth a look.

check out touchosc for ipad/iphone. It can controll anything a generic remote can, and you can configure it yourself.

TouchOSC | hexler.net (5 euro at the app store)

you will also need rtpmidi to establish the connection (free software):

Haven’t tried any of the above ones, but I found this at BestBuy one day.

Razer Naga

It was obviously created for gamers, but the buttons either works as the Numeric Section or the regular number keys.

This way it is perfect as “free” (as in effortless) locator buttons, without having to relearn a new device altogether.