1st ending bar is outside the layout squares

See attached. On page 4 of my arrangement, I’m finding that, in Engrave mode, the first ending bar is being drawn outside of its normal blue-squared area (see 2nd screenshot for the page template), and is colliding with the header. Any idea why this might be happening?

The rehearsal mark (“E”) is also partially outside of the blue-squared area, though this is much less of a concern.

This can happen, as the measurement Dorico makes is between the top of the music frame and the uppermost staff line (the top staff line of the top staff in the top system). This ensures consistent positioning of staves/systems, but can mean material a long way above the staff pushes outside the music frame and indeed quite high up the page.

You can adjust the music frame margins across the entire layout, and just for individual music frames.

For more information about margins, see here:

See also Daniel’s last reply in this thread (begun 4 years ago).

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Thanks to both of you for the helpful response.

For the record, it would be nice to have an option where Dorico takes the measurement from the upper- (or bottom-) most edge defined as the highest or lowest element in the stave (as opposed to the upper/bottom-most staff line. That would solve all this with one click, if it was possible.