1st hands on Dorico questions and remarks


I have Dorico on trial.
I have import my big midi file I use for all my tests, it is “From the New World” of Anton Dvorak
Dorico did not like to import the XML file from Logic

I have a few question and remarks :

  • Where is the Tempo track in Dorico ?
  • is the Tempo imported from Midi files
  • Why does it take so long to change an instrument ?
  • There is not a way to see that a note is muted, can you put it in grey
  • Can you add more navigation :
  • set left and right locator of a loop
  • Loop
  • More select :
    . top note, bottom note (see Logic)
    . Muted note
  • Split polyphony over different instruments
  • More tools in editing
  • reverse position
  • note pitch reverse
  • …… (see Logic)




Thanks for your feedback. Dorico doesn’t yet have an editable tempo track, though this is coming. Time signatures are imported from MIDI files, but I don’t believe that tempo changes are yet imported.

I don’t know what you’re referring to when you say that it takes a long time to change an instrument: you should find that it’s reasonably quick. Expand the card of the player who’s holding the instrument in the Players panel, click the chevron to the right of the instrument’s name, click Change Instrument from the menu that appears, and then choose the new instrument from the popover. The actual edit to change the instrument should take no more than a second or so, except perhaps in very large projects.

Hello Daniel

Thanks for your answer.

The actual edit to change the instrument should take no more than a second or so, except perhaps in very large projects

It is a piece of 40 minutes ; 2400 bars :wink: and it take a good 30 seconds

I have more :

  • I have plenty slots empty in the mixer why
  • The mixer is very slow
  • In Play mode can you add solo, mute for each track
  • In Play mode some track does not have a Midi channel why ?
  • I was trying to insert text in the header, it is not easy, why not have a text tool and allowing to move the text in the header ?



You can only solo/mute tracks from the Mixer at present. I expect we will add additional controls to the track headers in Play mode in due course, but there is not a one-to-one correspondence between tracks shown in Play mode and channels in the Mixer, because the same instrument can end up with multiple endpoints.

To insert text in the header, go to Engrave mode and edit the relevant master page.

Hello Daniel
Thanks for your answer.
Why do I have plenty slots that are empty ? how can I remove them so they are less ?
Do you have a tutorial for using VSL with Dorico ?

The number of mixer tracks is apparently proportional to the number of audio return channels in the VST. Lower the channels in VEP to match your actual scenario…

I am not using VEP yet as I am waiting for the tutorial :wink: