1st time f, 2nd time ff


I didn’t get any hint by the manual, so I ask the forum:

Is there a possibility to write »1st time f 2nd time ff« or »f 2nd time ff« within the dynamics popover or somehow else?

The only solution I found was to do it like this:
first note: f (plus not mandatory prefix »1st time«)
later note in the bar: ff plus prefix »2nd time«

The problem of this solution is the engraving afterwards …

Is there any useful solution?
Thx Hans-Peter

PS: I don’t need a proper playback of this dynamics.

At present, there are some limitations for 1st-2nd dynamics, which can be written as “mp-mf” directly into the dynamics popover. I think one needs to be mp or p, and one needs to be f or mf. Or something like that.

But the popover doesn’t know what to do with »f-ff« or »f - ff« (hyphen) or »f – ff« (dash).
Results are ff or fff or ff- or something like that.
Also the panel for combined dynamics doesn’t have f-ff on board.
So … I still have no idea (or did I missunderstand you?)

Right, I’m confirming that there are some limitations with this sort of scenario at present. You can’t do f-ff, p-pp, etc. One has to be some sort of f, and the other has to be some sort of p.

What do you think of this alternative solution? ?f=246&t=194744&p=1028069#p1028069

To have this play back correctly, we will have to wait until the Team can implement this feature, which I’m sure is on their radar, even if it is not “imminent.”