1st time using Arranger Track

I was getting ready to add some measures and move parts around in my project and decided to try out the arranger track instead. I followed the instructions in the manual and, after some confusion, managed to get the parts arranged in the new trial sequence. I’ve got arrange mode activated. But it’s not playing back the arrangement. It just keeps playing the original file in the original sequence.

I’ve posted a screen shot hoping it will help you assist me in finding the the problem.
Nuendo 6_ Arranger Track.jpg
What am I missing here in getting an “ARRANGER PLAYBACK?”

On vacation now, so not in front of a machine …
AFAIR, you need to activate the play command within the arranger track instead of the normal play button.

Hope I make sense

You see the Arranger events located in “Arranger Events” pane? Those are all the Arranger events in the project. But they won’t play back until you create a “chain” in the upper pane.

You can double click on the events, or drag the events there. Also in the chain pane you can drag to reorder them.