1st Violin part suddenly disappeared!

missing 1st violin.jpg
blank violin 1 part.jpg
Working on a string quartet. All was well yesterday. Today opened the file & found the score doesn’t display the 1st violin. It did yesterday! Also, selecting the 1st violin part to display it just gives a blank page (see attachment).

Good job I’m not using this for production or I would have lost something really important!

Fortunately the original version still exists in another scoring programme.

I didn’t delete anything yesterday, & just saved it in the normal way.

Any idea how I can get it back? I can’t even re-enter any notes in the 1st violin part at the moment.

If you attach the project (zip it up before you attach it), I can take a look. I expect you have inadvertently removed the Violin I player from the flow: select the flow in the Flows panel and see if the Violin I player’s checkbox is ticked or unticked. If it’s unticked, then you’ve removed the player from the flow. Unfortunately that also means you’ve lost that player’s music in that flow, so when you tick that checkbox again, the music won’t reappear and you’ll see empty bars in its place.

That sounds a bit dangerous, maybe a confirmation would be in order?
“this will remove this player’s music from this flow.
There is no UNDO

Maybe a “novice mode” with all sorts of tips/confirmations/help could be good to have?

Protecting the score from accidental removal or deletion (by accidental I also mean “just one click to do it”) should really be self-evident.

Yes, I agree. Some of the options in Setup mode do give this kind of warning, but not all of them do. We’ll tighten this up in due course.

Thank you Daniel - you are right, the checkbox was unticked, and, as you say, ticking it again just gave empty bars. So I’ll be more careful in the future.

Incidentally while checking that out I noticed something else - other threads have mentioned that sometimes in WIndows the icons in the Notes Panel are distorted, and this usually corrects if Dorico is closed & restarted. I found that this commonly occurs if Dorico is opened by clicking directly on a project file, but it never seems to happen if Dorico is opened on it’s own, e.g. by clicking on it’s icon in the Start Menu. Don’t know if that’s helpful.

That’s interesting, Steve. I believe one of the team may have checked in a putative fix for this cosmetic problem while I was in Vienna. I’ll check on Monday to see what the status of this issue is.

Unfortunately, it also happens here when I just click on a Dorico shortcut I have on the desktop…

Oh you’re right - I just got the scrambled version after clicking on the taskbar icon.
Previous observation was just random.