2.0.1 - DMX and MIDI track are getting cropped with navigation

Hi @Spork ,

could reproduce twice, then recorded.

  • Opening my project with v2.0.1 (under Windows)
  • Project loaded correctly
  • Navigating a bit between songs
  • then get back to my “Night Has Fallen” song
  • DMX tracks and MIDIAutomation tracks were cropped

See screenrec:

This isn’t urgent me for the upcoming weeks, but wanted to report.
If explanation doesn’t helps, I can send my currenct state of my live project if impossible to reproduce at your side.

/ Felician

… thank you, @fkalmus. We can reproduce it and we’ll check,

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… it’s fixed now and ready with the next Update.

Thank you, @fkalmus.


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Unfortunately can’t see positive change on my side (v2.0.2 on windows) despite of the fix mentioned in version history. :frowning:
Even more length of cropping can be different with each time navigating back to my “Night Has Fallen”.

Can I do something that meight help to narrow?

… I talked with @fkalmus offline. We found and fixed the problem. The main problem was that his projects contained a Signature-Track.

Next Update,

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Hi @Spork ,

unfortunately no change in behaviour with the same setlist/song with v2.0.3 WIN.
and yes, unfortunately LYRICS markers are moving away too.
(have screen rec, if that meight help something)

… we’ve found out that’s a Windows only problem. We’ll fix it,

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