[2.0.13] Added trigger point to part -> playback button in parts list not showing

found a minor issue in song’s part list:

When I add new part and assign a trigger point, it seems that the “playback arrow” doesnt show up in part list.

Check the image below:

After save & reload playback arrow shows as normal.

… thank you for report, @Turmis. It’s fixed and added to the next Pre-Release.

See you,

Hi Spork, bumped yet into another issue that is probably connected to missing playback-button, check video below:

As we can see, new part triggers OK, but the part after that one does not, until I push stop button. This seems a bit random, couldnt replicate with plain new project.

… thank you, we’ll check,

… fixed and ready with the next Pre-Release (2.0.14),