[2.0.13] Lyrics random desynchronization

On loading my project with the new pre-release, some ( at least 2) lyrics tracks were not in sync anymore with the backing tracks. Did anybody experienced the same issue ?

I tested it with two different Projects and all the lyrics are in sync here.

Checked my too and they look to be okay under v2.0.13 too

… I guess it is always reproducible? The easiest way to analyse the problem if we have access to the project? Do you think it is possible to look at it? Use the “Menu / File / Save Archive…” function and save your project to an empty folder. Zip that one and PM with it.

Thank you very much,

I open vst live 2 thus loading the project. Start Song “the Boys are back in town”, everything is fine. I stop it, start “Stairway to heaven”, everything’s fine. Stop it, go back to “The Boys” start it, the lyrics are way behind the backing tracks, by at least 15 seconds… start another song, go back to “Stairway”, the lyrics are way before the backing tracks.
If I restart the program, lyrics are fine until I repeat the all thing.
The issue dosn’t occur with VST Live 1.4.70
I will PM you a link to my dropbox but the zip will be huge since the project weighs 27Gb uncompressed.

Ok, after the last description from @Marc-Ambrosia I did a further stress testing using VST 2.0.13 and now I can confirm that there is a sync-problem with the lyrics. But not all songs are affected for me. I tested with a short setlist (11 songs) and this affected five songs. It turns out to be that the lyrics are all “too late”, but not with the same delay, but different.

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@Marc-Ambrosia, thank you very much for your project. That helped a lot and we could identify the bug. It’s fixed now and will be added to the next Pre-Release.

We are really sorry for that one,

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