2.0.21 test round

tested 2.0.21 with my live project with WIN, just giving a quick feedback about my experiences. If screenrec / audiorec is needed, I can provide too.

  • there meight be a serious and loud pop/click at Audio track if starting song from 00:00. (this probl existed in 2.0.20 too)

  • fade-in at video tracks aren’t rendered (at all), Meanwhile it started to behave better (50-50%) with recent versions. Maybe the song change fix touched something?

  • song change to songs containing my dmx tracks increased to over 60secs (?!) seems there meight be something.

  • midi cc events are still hard to find to
    my eyes (mentioned the new guy “pg change” where it’s super easy to see with the integrated field coloring)

  • ((( still pops and clicks in songs at intensive dmx movements, also can’t split them yet )))

  • fatal crash at “File/New/New Project” (so fatal, no crash file)

  • ArtNet I/O problems (Mac)


2.0.21 isn’t any better for pops and crackles in audio and I don’t use DMX tracks yet

….and then I recorded some DMX into 2.0.21 (finally!). The pops and crackles are much worse when DMX is running (not so “finally”)….

Btw the pops/crackles are throughout the song, not just at the start, regardless of whether DMX is running or not.

Tested on my walk on song - one stereo track, one DMX track, no stacks, no layers.

Well, I was wondering if all problems I have been facing (random clicks, long reaction times ,etc) were on my side, but apparently and unfortunately it seems that something went wrong with the latest revisions… unfortunate again when the software was getting very powerful and I started to make plans to use it in one of the coming gigs… I’m sure the VST live team will figure out a solution soon :slight_smile:

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@CliveJ and @Pieffe, we would like to analyse your projects. Do you think it is possible to create an archive (“Menu / File / Save Archive…”), select an empty folder, zip it and send me a private Message (PM).
And final question : MP is off, yes?


Weird times. Working for a longer period on a test project with Song change into faded-in video. Worked for quite some time, and tested shortly before the new build. Will check again of course, sorry.

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Dear @musicullum ! I know, no worries, but needed to report, letting you know, sorry😔

(Let me know my screen rec/project file can help)

Oh… I had multi processing on… let me try without…

At my setup, currently OFF , but not better when MP==ON (so kepping it currently unselected)

Yeah sure. Will take a couple of hours though.

MP is off.

Same issues with 1.4.70 on windows

Also I have tried every audio sample rate and buffer setting available to no effect.

Also noticed the issue is present when recording DMX with no output.

BTW I’m doing all this on artnet

Just for the sake of records, for me no crackles and no latency with dmx via usb UART with 13 fixtures and more or less 80 channels used. This on 1.4.8 while i’m waiting for 2.0.xx to work with my interface (anyway playing in 2.0.12 don’t show crackes when sending dmx same project, the fixtures don’t respond but data is sent thru usb cable).


Apparently private messages have a 4MB limit - emailed the file…

FYI . I had Voicemeeter installed on my system… after removing it I think the crackling might have disappeared… I’ll keep testing, and I’ll install 2.21 and see what happens

@Spork : I owe you a debt of gratitude for your immense patience and a HUGE APOLOGY.

I was using a lightning hub to connect all my kit to the laptop. Once I connected my sound card directly to the laptop all the crackles disappeared.

Am now running 2.0.21 on Windows with ArtNet out - not a single glitch!

Definitely Voicemeeter interfered with my ASIO drivers of X32 rack causing lots of issues. After removing Voicemeeter the VSTlive version 2.0.21 is now running without drops, cracks and other freezes. Thanks Michael for the assistance and the hints.

Everything’s fine :slight_smile: Thank you for your help and your patience :slight_smile:

Excellent News! I am very happy!


… and here’s another excellent Mesage! Great! :slight_smile:

Enjoy VL :slight_smile:

Perhaps we should think about a troubleshooting guide? There’s a wealth of info already in the forum but it’s not consolidated into a single place. I know it’s maybe not correct to tell people which kit to buy but a list of known working hardware would be a great starting point - you can’t be expected to code for every possible piece of slightly non-standard kit.

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I have to agree with @fkalmus regarding the time it takes to switch songs when there is DMX data. It’s taking about 5 seconds for me. But I don’t have as much DMX data as Felician,

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