[2.0.22] Viewer Window - Resize Problem [Solved]

I am using VSTLive 2.0.22 with Windows 11 and encounter a resize problem of the Viewer Window. Once the window width is set it cant be changed.
The window height can be changed but not the width. It stays in the once set width. The “Break out” Window can be resized.

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Hi @Detgyver,

how can I reproduce it?

  1. Start VL
  2. Select MODULES
  3. Load VST Viewer and Open the Editor
  4. Increase the Width

Now it’s not possible to make the with of the editor smaller?

Thank you,

I had this error long ago also. The solution was an autogenerated VST plug-in by Novation automap, which I had to remove.

I tested again with a new Project

  1. Open VL / New Project / Save Project
  2. Create a new Audio Track
  3. Drop a .mp3 file into the Track
  4. Open Modules
  5. add New Module / Viewer
  6. Open VST Viewer (e)
  7. Click on Open and load a PDF-File into the Viewer
  8. Change the width of the Viewer Window (enlarge) and Booom!
    If you now, try to decrease the window width this is not working.
    You can change the hight without any problems.

Ah and don’t use a VST Plugin now, so that cannot be the problem here.

Greetings from Düsseldorf

There is no need, that you use it. It is enough, that it is on your computer and was scanned by VL.

I dont own any novation software.
But from my point of view VST Live should handle VST Plugins correct.
But - again - I dont think that any VST Plugin is here the Problem.

… we’ll check,

Hi @Detgyver,

some versions ago we needed to improve VST Live to get resizing working for 3rd Party Plug-Ins. As a side-effect the resizing of the VST Viewer was destroyed. It’s fixed now. But it has to be fixed in VST Live and VST Viewer. We’ll release a Pre-Release for the VST Viewer on Friday, too. Please give it a try and let us know.

Thank you,

The “Resize-Problem” for the Viewer-Window is now fixed with version 2.0.24 but the Window stays empty when I transfer a new Archive (VL 2.0.24 and VST Viewer 1.0.61) via USB-Stick to the rehearsal Laptop!
I configured the Viewer Window to show an individual PDF-File for each song (with further midi-control for page turnover) but the viewer stays empty. I will open an extra threat for this problem.