[] Parts issues when play button ON

  • Parts which don’t have time set do not produce voice when play button is ON.

  • 1st part cannot have a cycle marker, even though a time is seen on it. No voice can be heard when play button is pressed.

1st part’s Duration is 0000.0.0 (zero) on your screenshot

My point is, till last version I was able to play the “Piano Synth” part while hitting the global play button on the transport bar, but with this latest release am not able to produce sound on that part when Play is activated, unless I have a start and end set for that part on the tracks, so I was trying to set a start and end for that 1st part on the track and i cannot do it like the Piano part have in the track section.
The same issue is happening on the all parts which are not set with a start and end (Ex: Violin part).

My previous workflow before this latest release:
I hit play button from the piano part which has a start and end set.
It plays the drums in a loop on the piano track and I had the flexibility on clicking other parts which didn’t had a start and end set on it and could play on my right zone with the new part and the drum track of piano track kept looping, Now this is not possible.

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Okay. I don’t think that was the purpose of parts originally but here is my idea:
Copy the drum loop, or its iterations to make PARTS with different start times.
With this trick you will be able to “fine tune” your drums too (e.g lighten it when selecting flutes part)

You are correct.
This is only true for the very first Part of a Song. We will fix it such that you can select another Part for sound changes etc while a FlexLoop is running.
As a workaround, if it is only for the first Part, you could switch off FlexLoops and use a cycle instead.
A fix will be available with the next version, sorry.