[2.0.24][Fixed 2.0.27] Crash after quit on OSX

I’m getting a crash after I quit VL, on Mac. Same project is fine on Win 11, no crashes.

This is only after I quit, the performance is stable.

Here is the crash report:
V2.0.24 Crash Report.pdf (119.1 KB)

… thank you for your report. It seems to be that a Plug-In is not terminated correctly. But the Log does not tell me which one. Do you have a lot of 3rd Party Plug-Ins running in your project? Can you name them?

Thank you,

Lets see:

Piano V3
Stage 73 V2
B3 V2
Augmented Strings
Jup-8 V4


Insert Plugins:
Nicky Romero: Kickstart 2

On the active setlist… There is probably 1-2 additional plugins on other songs on the project but they are not loaded.

Crash occurs even if I just open the project and close it after preload is finished without saving anything.

Could you try just for testing to save a version of your project with the UAD plugs, and Kickstart removed?

I’m having the same issue with lots of Waves plugins.

… we’ve analysed it a bit more. This one crashed. Is the Plug-In up-to-date? Which version of it are you running?

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Hello Michael,

It is V1.4.11, as it is auto updating it should be the latest version. I’ll create a test project with Ravel only and test with a clean project when I have the time and report back.

Hi! No, the latest V1 is V1.4.70
Can you try update first?

Hey Felician,

Just clean installed this computer from scratch about a week ago, and UA Connect does not show any updates (if released in between). Am I missing something here?

Does UA do gradual update rollout or something?

Hi! I’m sorry sorry, you’re right! (accidentally mixed up with VSTL’s 1.x version number)

Hi @Spork,

I’ve just did an empty project single layer with Ravel. And it crashes on quit as well.

If I replace Ravel with another VST, VL quits normal (no crash).

In case it helps here is the crash report from the test project:

2.0.24 Crash Report Ravel Empty Project.pdf (129.8 KB)

… strange. I cannot reproduce it. Do you still have your “Ravel-Project”? Can you please export it with “Menu / File / Save Archive …”? Select an empty project, zip it and sand it to me.

Thank you,

Done and sent it to you via PM.

Hi @talporal,

thank you for all of your information with PM. I am still not able to reproduce the crash. But the crash points to the Ravel Plug-In. Therefore I have contacted UAD directly. Let’s wait for their response.

Thank you,

… good news! We’ve found the problem and it’s fixed now. Sorry for that one. Please re-try with the next Pre-Release and let us know your results.


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Hello Michael,

I can confirm that the crash on quit is now fixed with version 2.0.27.

Thank you for all the help.