2.0 first glance


just opened this one up to see the changes…

  1. Auto stretch cannot be turned on by default for all new imported files and needs to be toggled manually-file by file … … …

  2. Tempo changes are still not smooth. (audio freeze) - making things like the advanced ableton link protocol unuseable for any implementation.

I wonder why so many other apps can adjust tempo on the fly, implement link and many other features in audio in our digital age of 2016 and cubase still hasn’t solved the puzzle…

Maybe someone can explain to me why you still cannot do it? (so others and I stop wondering why you have not mastered it yet and stop asking/bugging you about it) :wink:

Thanks for the update tho… nice to see that semi-automatic timestretch is implemented…=)

have a nice day=)


Thanks for your message.

It is not required to set auto time-stretch file per file.

  • Import your desired audio files to your project
  • Tap “Select” from the sub menu to select these files
  • Activate auto-stretch


Hi Lars:)

Thank you for the tip with the stretch:)


Somehow it makes more sense to me to have a option in the audio settings for:
Default Audio Import Stretch Algo (options: mobile, efficient, pro, off.)
I hope this makes sense to you…:wink:

Can you also please enlighten me on link implementation?

Thank you very much for everything and njoy :slight_smile:

Hi ggc,

Simply enlarge the “Time Stretch” pop-up to choose the desired algorithm.

Please have a look at the available Cubasis 2 tutorial, to learn more about ow to use all new 2.0 features best:

Hope that helps.


Hi Lars

Please read my posts again as it seems that you “redest an mir vorbei” or are not quite understanding…

Let me clarify it again to remove all doubt…

  1. time stretch algo - one should not have to always trigger the stretch algo- it should be “on” per default and the pop up on the top left can be used to toggle individual states.
    This can be implemented in the Settings-> audio -> Default Audio Import Stretch Algo (options: mobile, efficient, pro, off.)

  2. what are your plans to implement Link into cubasis?

If yes, when can we expect it?
If no, why not?
(Is it a technical limitation that you have not solved yet or is it a personal reason and you are not implementing it out of spite?)

On a side note-> cub**** should play well with others. It is something one learns in kindergarten. It is mandatory before advancing to first grade… It is a evolutionary and musical necessity. unless you want to control or sabotage progress on purpose-and for selfish reasons… Communication is also important. Please try to attempt to understand what i have written. If you do not want to answer- that is fine and obviously your right- But i would appreciate a “i will not answer this question beacause…” It is common courtesy and, i ask you these questions out of all the right reasons. i support you and it would be nice to get a clear, non-patronizing, answer if you would be so kind. I can also translate my questions into languageX if it would help.
(My brain just blanked and couldnt write something i wanted to so i will suspend my thoughts):wink:

Again, thank you for everything, by all means.

Hi ggc,

Thanks again for your message.

Regarding your questions:

We’ve cut the conscious decision to let the user the choice to activate time-stretch manually.
Our usability tests have shown that different usecases have to be taken into consideration, some users might use the feature all the time, others in some situations or not at all. Activating auto-stretch automatically results in unnecessary CPU load if not required.

If we receive lots of complaints in that area we’re easily able to add further setup options to be introduced with a later update.

Please note that we announce new features once they become available.
LINK support is listed in our backlog, but I am not able to give you further information about a release date yet.

Cubasis allows a wide range of options to connect teh app with other instrument and/or effects directly such als Full Audio Unit, Inter-App or Audiobus support. I’m afraid I do not get the point here.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes,

Now you are showing some class!:slight_smile:

Thank you very much, dear Lars.

To clarify:

  • the “stretch in options” is not a complaint but a workflow improvement. Having the option to choose how one works makes sense.:wink:
  • Link on backlog? Very cool.

Congrats on this new release. ->I wish you all the best going forward.:slight_smile:

Eternally grateful to all of the team and its magic,