2.2.20, which files?

Thanks for this latest update, Daniel and the Steinberg team!

Do we need also to run these two installers; for:

  1. HALionSonicSE_for_Dorico_2.2.20_Installer_mac, and__
  2. Dorico Playback 2 - Orchestra Library

assuming a solid system and all other components just updated, please?

Since this is just a bugfix update the other components will most likely be the same and don’t need to be downloaded.

But I also wish there was some kind of indication that/whether a component is more recent than the currently installed one.

You only need to run the Dorico 2.2.20 updater itself.

Thanks, Daniel - I agree with VIPStephan, and more generally: an indication if possible within Steinberg Download Assistant (which I’ve found always works a treat) of which files are necessary, unnecessary, advised, irrelevant would be useful.

Due to overcaution I did run both the Updater and the Dorico_2.2.20_Installer_mac.

Is it still unnecessary to run either/or/both Halion files from today?

You don’t need to install either of the Dorico Playback 1 or Dorico Playback 2 packages.

Thank you for this update!!!
See you at Dorico 3! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Daniel!

Joining the thank yous. Can’t wait for 3!

I generally just go to the update page from the menu command in Dorico itself, rather than use the Downloader app. (It’s particularly tedious when the Downloader app itself tells me it needs to download an update to itself before it can download updates to Dorico!)

The download assistant is useful when downloading lots of or large files / installers though as it can carry on if a download is interrupted. Not as necessary for most people if you just want the update file though.