2/2 shown as common time


I know, it’s a mistake. But it’s a mistake, the one I want to write down.

I would like to write a 2/2 time signature, shown note as cut time (¢), but as common time (C).

Can this be done? Which workaround would you use?


Do a 4/4 ,2 pickup bar, then do 2/2 and hide the sig in the next bar.

I wouldn’t add the “comma 2” to the 4/4 if you wanted a full faux-2/2 (or 4/4) measure, but I agree with the approach of using 4/4 for a single measure to force the common time notation and then continuing with a hidden 2/2 time signature.

Doh! Counting crisis!

Thank you for the hints!

However, my mistaken time signature should be right at the beginning, otherwise it would have been too easy :frowning:


You want the beaming to reflect 2/2, but want the meter to display as “C”? In Engrave/Music Symbols/Category: Time Signatures/Cut Time, just replace the Cut time symbol with the C symbol. Select the 2/2 in the music then in the Properties panel select the Common/Cut common checkbox. The C will then display for 2/2.

Eh, I can’t. The cut time is already taken, because it is used correctly in another point of the score!

But I think the best solution is to have the mistaken common time in the first bar, and then hide the correct 2/2 time signature starting from the second one. A single wrong bar is better than many.


Surely c,[1+1]/2 works?

I don’t know. What I see is that the ‘C’ is shown, but I can’t seem to see beam grouping to be shown as 1+1/2.

This is not very clear to me: but isn’t everything after a comma considered a pickup bar?


While experimenting, I could see that the score is mixing common and cut time in beaming:


It makes sense from a legibility point of view. The pulse remains ‘in two’, but the melody flow remains ‘in four’.