2.5 Ghz to 3 Ghz CPU difference?

cant see wasting the money on a system that old

have you over clocked your system? thats the best thing you can do for more power

See if you can get a basic core i7 - its a real step up. My i7 is old (920) but it still is the first and only processor I have owned that can actually handle Cubase. Well worth it


I know I am off topic but its worth a look

Ex-Demo] Asus P6T Deluxe V2 Motherboard LGA1366 Intel X58 ATX RAID SATA Dual Gigabit LAN (Refurbished Model) (Opened)


Hi Steve, I’ve been looking here and at other forums with folks dealing with problems in upgrading their existing DAW platforms, to make them more powerful and faster.

I thought just purchasing a new i7 2600 4 core based, Windows 7 computer would solve my problems. I’d just install all of my older Steinberg programs in the 32 bit x86 program files area and press on. Not So!! :astonished:

I have learned about "Hardware Security Protection"which is on my original install disks such as Steinberg’s “WARP VST” (guitar amps and cabinets) for example. The hardware security protection on the disk will not recognize my new cd/dvd rom drive. :open_mouth:

So I’m kinda’ in the same boat as you and many other people in deciding if I should keep or dump my old expensive DAW system, or replace EVERYTHING. I’m on a tight budget and I don’t expect any hit records to be produced out of my humble abode anytime soon.

So I plan to get the most out the equipment and software that I’ve already invested in over the years. The only reason I bought a new computer a year ago, is because my nine year old Windows XP machine had died of a hard drive or motherboard failure.

I see you have built an older spec’d quad core machine to run all of your VSTI’s off of your main audio machine. I assume you are using System Link to accomplish that? I hope that you can continue to find work-arounds for your existing equipment.


Hi Steve,
I get what you are talking about in going from the master computer to a slave computer like an external midi instrument. That is actually a great idea! Looks like you’ve aquired plenty of hardware to accomplish your goals and have a very flexible set up, being able to move and adjust the size of your recording rig at will.

So what the heck are you recording, a full fledge orchestra with that many VSTI’s? :slight_smile: What kind of music are you recording, a bit of everything?

I don’t know how much you would gain that cpu change, but at the right price, it certainly couldn’t hurt to get you some more horsepower under the hood for heavy processing sessions.

I certainly agree! We need to get the most out of what we got. That’s why I’m going to try to come up with some work arounds for some my expensive old Steinberg software. I may also rebuild one Windows XP machine. A dear friend gave me his old working XP machine, so I might mix some parts between the two. One machine is Intel, the other is AMD. Of course they have completely different motherboards and use different ram. I have a bad hard drive or motherboard in my dead DAW.

Hey I got to ask you about the truck, is that a big block or a small block engine in your 1993 Silverado? Seems like you should be able to pick up a rebuilt shortblock engine, minus the heads, from a local machine shop for a decent price.

Chevys are one of the most affordable engings to rebuild, because they are so plentiful. Worst case, maybe you can get an engine from a junkyard where you don’t know as much about the condition or history of the engine. Sometimes a wreck becomes availible with an engine that’s nearly as good as a new crate engine with super low miles on it. :slight_smile:

I’ve been down that road many times in my life, changing out engines and transmissions myself on all makes of cars that I’ve owned, especially Chevys and Fords, and Chryslers. I went through an engine top end rebuild (heads) and transmission rebuild on my wife’s 2002 Jaguar x-type, a little over a year ago. You can’t even buy a new or rebuilt engine for them anymore for any price…the engine all aluminum are not made anymore! :open_mouth: So oversize pistons, rings, and rods and such are not availible new. This time I didn’t remove or reinstall the Jag engine myself. I didn’t want to invest in all of the special equipment to accomplish the job. And yeah, the job cost over $7000 because I replaced many other parts on the car too like the alternator, air conditioning compressor, and many other parts, hoses and such.

Hey Steve, I think I read everything wrong man. You have already had the latest engine change job done, and that was four years ago right? I had assumed that you were sweating an engine change right now. That’s why I was trying to help you think about some other options to get your truck going again. With the truck being full size and with the extra cab, I thought (wrongly) that you had a V8 in your truck.

I certainly think you should keep the idea alive about a multi-motherboard enclosure or multiple towers in a large, well ventilated cabinet. Having a need is what drives invention right? :slight_smile: I think re-purposing existing equipment is just as important, and maybe more valuable (to me) than merely smashing and recycling the equipment for a few bucks.

Hi Steve, I thought buying a new i7 2600 spec’d machine with x86 (32 bit) capability was all I needed to get all of my old software and hardware going again. But with the new cd/dvd drives not recognizing the old software, and the new computers having PCIe slots instead of the old style PCI slots, it’s making things a nightmare to try to utilize my older hardware that still works too good to throw out. :frowning:

So you must have known about these issues, and so far have avoided these problems by holding back a bit. At least the Cubase 5 VST/32 program is working well on the Windows 7 computer in the X86 realm. That’s now one less headache I have to deal with, thanks to the Steinberg folks here. :smiley:

That’s a very good question Steve. :slight_smile: You were understanding right about being not able to use all of that 8 gb of ram. I was researching this very same topic and jotted down some notes on the subject. I’ve learned that Windows 7 x86 (32bit) only addresses 4 gb of ram. Windows 7 (64 bit) allows much more ram, the maximum, I still don’t know, 6 or 8 gb or above? How much ram can Cubase address with Windows XP? 4 gb? :confused:

So one bottle neck in addressing more ram is the Windows version that one has on their computer, regardless of how much physical ram one might have installed. For example…My Intel 17 2600 cpu machine is currently limited to a maximum installation of 16 gb of physical ram because I have Windows 7 Home Premium installed. If I went to Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate (as a lot of folks here do) I would be able to install a maximum of 32 gb of ram on my computer, per my dell computer setup guide. Addressing that much ram using Cubase and VSTI’s with the Windows limitations is another story that I have yet to learn about. :confused: