2 adats, no master clock

O WAIT: this is a video unit wont run BNC from two ADATs?

I have two Behringer Ultragain Digital ADA8200 with Word clock in.
Its going ADAT into my aleisis mastercontrol.

Only one Behringer Ultragain Digital ADA8200 will pass audio because its not locked.

I need a third party word clock and I see the Steinberg Nuendo Timebase VST System Synchronization Word Clock
is like $50!

In my mixer settings do I put Sync as ADAT one, set ADAT 1 as master then connect two BNC to my ADA8200 ?
Then set the mixer and one ADA8200 as slave?

please help,

Cubase pro 9.5

If you set the Alesis as Master and both ADA as ADAT slave they should already be able to sync over ADAT…no?

As the Alesis has no wordclock I’m not sure you can sync all three devices with an external clock.

ni its requiring ADAT in on the ADA8200 and I have ADAT out to the mixer and nothing to patch back into the ADA8200 unless I purchase something.