2-bar repeat

Música de algum cara.dorico (761.2 KB)
I read the other posts on this. No. This used to work for me. I could repeat pairs of empty bars, and they would play the preceding bars as written no problem. Now it will only repeat a single bar.
Something changed. I’ve been on this over an hour now. I’ve tried everything.
I sent the project. It should open to bar 120 of the 7-string guitar part. I want there to be 3 more repeats of the 2-bar phrase already repeated twice in bars 122-125. Nothing I can think to do will induce Dorico 3.5.12 to create more than a single bar repeat.

I have found a solution, but I have not found the cause of the problem. There is possibly something unusual in that part of the music which is giving rise to this odd behaviour. I suggest you send the file to Daniel Spreadbury and his excellent team of detectives so that they can have a close look at it. They would be in the best position to examine it.

What I did was:

  1. Go into the full score layout
  2. Select the barline at the end of bar 125
  3. Delete the following 4 bars (shift-b, -4, enter)
  4. Select that same barline again
  5. Add 4 bars (shift-b, 4, enter)
  6. Select the 2-bar repeat symbol
  7. Press r

Your 2-bar repeat should now be duplicated into the next two bars.

I hope this helps.

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When I unchecked Hide Signposts, I noticed that bars 127 and 128 have signposts: 2/4 (q, 1+1).
Deleting these removed the odd behaviour.

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Lovin’ it! It worked. Thanks! I’ll make a note to check the Signposts next time.