2 computers, 2 different interfaces, MIDI start record same time?

Hi, I was wondering, I have an old Tascam US-1800 and I just got a US-4x4HR for my laptop. What I want to do is have them both start recording at the same time by having my main PC tell the 4x4 via midi to have cubase start recording at the same time that the main computer starts recording. That way I can much easier - line up the files when I import them either through shared files (ethernet) or vst connect. I think I looked into VST system link and I’m not sure if that would work. Any thoughts or solution?

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Purely for MIDI sync between computers you would have to use MTC (as Cubase cannot receive MIDI clock), Keep in mind to use a couple of empty bars to let the two machines get in sync.
For the start/stop/record commands you need to use MMC (midi machine control). Check the manual please.

However, I think VST System Link might work for what you want to do if you can spare a digital audio channel. I am not sure, though.

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I’m wondering if I can use a midi splitter, to setup my Maudio keyboard to map the record function to both interfaces, maybe that’ll work. Still wondering what might be the best way to get the audio transferred into my main machine. I do have VST Connect on both computers, and they are both linked to shared files via ethernet.

VSTConnect is aimed at a “producer - artist” setup. I don’t know if it works with what you have in mind but maybe it does.

If you use the MAudio keyboard as a midi-remote control for Cubase, MMC should work. Your keyboard would send a midi-remote message “record” to Cubase on computer A. Cubase A would then send a MMC to Cubase on computer B to record.
If your keyboard Can generate MMC itself your idea with a midi splitter should work as well; you’d have to setup both Cubases to react to incoming MMC then.

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VST Link should get the job done. I can’t remember if it ‘requires’ a Digital I/O (SPDIF or ADAT), or will work over a regular analogue audio connection.

If the audio devices on both machines support SPDIF in and out, use that to connect them! If not you could try a set of analogue connections. If that doesn’t work, then you still have options.

MTC/MMC is simple to use and it works! MIDI out from the ‘master’ DAW to MIDI IN of the ‘slave’ DAW. Set the ‘master’ to ‘transmit’ MTC/MMC. Set the slave to receive and sync to it. Done.

It’s also possible to stream audio over ethernet between the machines if you really need it. I personally use ASIO Link Pro for this job in the home studio. A bit tricky to figure out at first, but It’s free, stable, and powerful. ASIO Link Pro is worth having a look for a lot of reasons.

  1. It can reroute audio on the same machine. Both ASIO and WDM apps can exchange streams!
  2. It can stream many channels over your LAN (including a digital connection to get VST Link working).
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I forgot to mention that there are also ways to send MIDI over the LAN if you don’t have a MIDI interface at hand for both computers.

For a Windows PC I use rtpMIDI.

I don’t know much about Macs, but I’m pretty sure the ability to do this is ‘built in’ to the ‘audio control’ panel?