2 different programs and computers, one license?

I was wanting to know if… I was running 7LE and have purchased the 9.5 elements upgrade, and of course the license also upgraded my 7LE to elements as well. My questions is can I remove the 7 program from the desktop and install it on my laptop and continue to use the same license since they are two separate programs? I have been running 5LE on my laptop to accommodate my Tascam Us-1800 16 track interface because it allows 16 input tracks at a time but would like to use 7 elements if I could. I can’t use 7LE because it only will allow 8 inputs at one time but 7 elements has more tracks available, and have been using 7 for over a year and know it like the back of my hand. It sure would make things more convenient for me. I have been told by Steinberg that an LE program can be loaded and run on up to 3 computers using the same license but I am not sure what is allowed on an Elements or above program.

Just wanted to know if it was possible and legal to do so before I tried it.

Thanks, Dominick/Moptop

You upgraded your 7LE license to 9.5 Elements. So you have one license that allows running older similar CB versions on that same computer.

So no… you won’t be able to move the 7LE software to your laptop and expect it to work when the license for it is on the desktop.

Sorry… instead of upgrading your 7LE license you should have purchased a full new license for the 9.5 Elements. Then you would have had two seperate licenses and you could do what you described/hoped.

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Which is only valid with the license moved to a USB e-Licenser, not for a soft-eLicense.

It´s allowed with any version, as long as the license is on a USB eLicenser.


Thanks for the quick reply to my question and I appreciate it very much. What I was thinking of doing is a notta gotta, I’ve don’t use the interface all that often and can get by with the 5LE that it came with. I transfer the tracks to the desktop after they been recorded for processing and mixing anyway so no biggie.

Have a good weekend.

Well that would work for me since I would only be using one computer at a time!

Thanks for the tip.


If you did purchase a USB eLicenser dongle and transferred the license to it, then you can copy the 9.5 Elements to the 2nd computer and use that instead of the 7LE.

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There is no need to copy anything in this case.
LE AI Elements are the exact same installation and only the license governs which one will open.

From other posts I gather the OP wants to use version 7 as he’s familiar with it.