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I asked before but, could we have a fine adjust? A keyboard modifier that facilitates dragging clip volume in 1/10th db steps, and other logical small steps for other automation parameters? Perhaps the degree of sensitivity could be set in a preference?

Could we have key command or button to UNSEE clip names, perhaps by-track or by selected clip?
Especially when using lanes and multiple tracks the clip names are in the way of waveforms when zoomed way in.

Is this already possible?

Are you speaking of the envelopes, or the gain edit control?

An option such as “auto hide name if lane is too small” could fit the bill I guess.

I suspect the OP is referring to envelopes. I would second the “fine adjust” request.

With a large monitor, the mouse needs to move quickly across the screen, which means that even a small movement can be too much when it comes to making slight adjustments to envelope points, or adjusting knobs and faders in the master section and plugins.

In my case, I often adjust the envelope by accident, and I often find it challenging to move the point back to the -0 line. Instead, the point winds up on +0.1, and then -0.1, and back and forth until I get lucky and it lands on zero.

Another good example of this issue is with sliders and knobs, like the Master Level sliders, or the Steinberg Peak Master plugin. Drag the sliders away from zero to obtain a specific value… if you can. Or try setting the levels back to zero without using the keyboard. Again, using the mouse, I can come close, but the value bounces around on either side of the value I want and that it’s very hard to get a precise result using the mouse when the tiniest movement of the mouse causes the value to change significantly.

I realize that you can sometimes use the keyboard to set a value, or click something to reset the value to zero (e.g., the Master Level sliders). Still, it would be nice to press a key and cause the mouse’s sensitivity to drop so that the value changes more slowly.

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Then you can zoom the montage view vertically, and you have more mouse precision.

In that case there is an easy solution: press shift and click and drag.

Sure, I zoom vertically all the time, but having the key modifier to slow the mouse would be great. One of those small time savers that really add up depending on what you are doing.

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I note the idea.
But if the only thing you need is a gain change of the clip, better use the gain sliders.
And if this is only a single envelope point, use the edit control in the Insepector.

If you are using stems (drums, bass, vocal & all else is typical) to master an album, quite often there is a lot of automation. Having to change the vertical zoom all the time is not ideal…