2 issues with library manager?

Hey, can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

If I move libraries via the library manager it throws all files into the location and doesn’t organize them in their folders like the originals was. That’s issue 1.

Issue 2, I’m not seeing my full version of GA5 content showing up in the library manager.

Any ideas

Hi @eldean0,

MacOs or Windows?
Also, in this case I still may not have a satisfiying answer for you.
But if you wish, let’s start with some detective work.

Your issue 1:
did you create separate content package folders before, in order to copy their respective files into, one by one, or how was your structure as long as it worked? And do you keep backup copies of every bought *.vstsound files package, just in case?

Your issue 2:
Are you referring to the ca. 30 GB large ISO image which contains the following *.vstsound files?

Screenshot: “Content Groove Agent 5”, “Raw Power”, “The Kit”

Just in case you can make use of it, here’s my basic Library Manager workflow:

  • create one global content folder (different partition than the default one)
  • include / create (up to) 7 main content folders (this is the register card structure of Library Manager, replicated as a sub folder structure, but only those register cards are visible which would contain bought content):

01_HALion —> various content package folders
02_Groove_Agent —> various content package folders
03_Cubase-Nuendo —> various content package folders
04_The_Grand_3 —> various content package folders
05_Padshop —> various content package folders
06_Retrologue —> various content package folders
07_Backbone —> various content package folders

  • create all necessary sub folders with their respective package names
  • manually copy & paste all corresponding *.vstsound files to their respective locations (per package)
  • click on the first *vstsound file within each package folder, use “register in place”

Best wishes,


Hi, thank you for responding! I used the library and checked all the boxes and moved I assumed it would automatically create all the folders and subfolders in the same manner. I am on MacOSX.

I am also seeing a handful of factory content in library/application support/ Steinberg/content

In here i have 4 folders (groove agent, HALion, padshop and vst sound, each of those have another folder vst sound other than the main vst sound) The files in these seem incomplete. Right now everything else is in the default location which is downloads/Steinberg (library manager sets this.

I have no idea how this got here after doing a full uninstall and removal of all Cubase and Steinberg files. I used download assistant and then tried to use library manager to move all the content … I thought it would recreate the file structure.

I dont back up the installers, i back up the drives the sounds are on I figure i can always just download again from steinberg.

I now have finally got the GA5 main content into the library manager.

So now i need to know how to move all effectively and check nothing is missing and compare that handful of files in the other location?

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so in order to move all the content should i do it manually? Or do I need to just make the subfolders and then move? Not understand the point of this library manager if it’s complicating the process.

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hi @eldean0,

good question: either way is valid, depending on where all relevant *.vstsound files reside on your hard disk and if they’re registered correctly or not.

Case 1:
move files via Library Manager, if they’re already registered in their default location (after a corresponding install, where their initial path had been defined as a default path by Steinberg). Move them to their new (manually created) folder location(s), until Library Manager gives its ok (each time). You’ll see how the utility program will react. Usually, all files that belong to a named package will be moved together - you can check the details for each, as well as their file versions. Please note: sometimes it can be necessary to de-register a package, if - in the upper right corner of Library Manager - the utility shows a tiny triangle - then there’d be some conflict either in terms of double registration or missing paths. Usually, this can be corrected easily. In the end and if all is correct, all major Steinberg programs (Cubase / Nuendo, WaveLab, Dorico) should find these *.vstsound container files (by reading a specific XML file within the presets region of your respective software installation, during startup).

Case 2:
manuall copying and registering in place, if you take the container files from a backup source, or if you just download(ed) them (again) via SDA after a purchase, or after you’d lost / removed them in some way (things can happen, so to say).


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So it seems that the handful of files in the library//application support / steinberg / content/

are all duplicates of what is in my downloads folder except for the 2 files in st sound/vst sound / vst sound updates

You can see these in the attached screenshot along with the file paths. also noticed in my downloads folder where everything should be there is no sound file in the verve folder and most optional folders have only 1 file is this correct?

Still having issues trying to simply put the content somewhere else… i had a thread about that…

Today Im literally over my data limit because i have to keep re downloading the content. in steinberg assistant, it literally downloads and goes nowhere or it does partially needing to hit download and install again, using cubase since im. 12 years old and im feeling like i may be forced to change now…

Everything about 12 has been complete garbage for me so far in terms of functionality!~

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Sorry you are having so much trouble, but this is not at all the experience most are having.

I think the topic you refer to is
2 issues with library manager? - #6 by eldean0, so I will merge this topic with that one.

There is no need to download the files more than once.

You are moving too fast, and are not observing the the information presented in the interface, and not paying attention to advice you have received from others.

At this point you should find those content files on your mac, and do nothing to them.

Then come back here and paste the file path into your reply, or take a screen shot of the entire window without leaving anything out. Don’t do anything else until someone replies to you.

If that doesn’t make sense, launch the Library Manager and take a screenshot of that so we can see what you see.



The problematic files im referring to i literally clicked open folder and nothing happens, im getting the full library in place then will report back. I have made sure the library manager and download manager paths match…

If anyone can tell me where or what download the folder VST SOUND / VST SOUND Updates originate from that would be helpful thank you.

Hi again @eldean0,

something in addition, regading your screenshot above: please configure finder in such a way that file sizes are also visible (adapt column width, make finder show the files’ “details” instead of just the “list view”, or whatever this is called in MacOS).

Regarding your most recent question: the VST Sound folders were most probably created by the Steinberg installers you must’ve used to install your software products.

If you’ve already moved any *.vstsound content to any other path (away from the default location), by using the “move” command in Library Manager, only tiny anchor files of the same name(s) will remain in the default location, and they’re only about 2 Kilobytes in size.

Apart from that: please also consider the good advice by @steve, he really wants you to succeed, as much as I do. A bit more patience will always help, even if frustration has already started to take the best of your endeavors.

Best wishes,

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Ok i making some progress here thank you, will report back and show the screens when done… If anyone can answer question about the vst sound update that would be helpful to my curiosity lol

Ok so your saying that even though the bulk of the content is elsewhere the files inside content folder or that files that populate there as i install the files to other drive are just small acnhor files?

PS in Steinberg/content the only folders i have i groove agent, halion, padshop and vst sound is this correct? Should there be a Retrologue folder?

I got I seem to have got everything working.

Is it normal on load for pad shop to say license missing for a second?

I had the same problem last week, where I wanted to organize all my library files.
I wanted to move the libraries so I used library manager to move the libraries. Selecting each and clicking “move” option, I selected my new locations, files moved. wonderful.
When I go and open cubase 12, it throws several error messages loading libraries: files not found error.
So after reading the first answer of this post, I just removed all existing libraries , went to windows recycling bin folder and recovered the files, moved them to the location I wanted and then registered them all again “in place”. voila! sorted.