2 keyboards at the same time?

Hi there,

I’m just wondering if it is possible, within a Cubase project, having assigned two different midi keyboards to two different instruments (virtual or not), play ( and listen to ) them at the same time…

Tricky question or did I miss anything?..

Thanks for your help!

Nothing tricky there! And the short answer is: yes! Just create 2 MIDI and/or Instrument tracks and select dfferent MIDI inputs to them.

… and Record/Monitor enable both of them :wink:

Aloha +1

I use a MIDI guitar interface (ch 11-16)
and keyboard (ch 1)
using a MIDI merge box.

Works fine.


If you use a midi merge box you can’t control 2 different vsts though?

Yes you can, if you put them into different MIDI channels and use input transformers on the tracks to filter out unwanted keyboard.

Hmm, something tells me it’s easier using 2 separate midi inputs, especially considering a midi interface is cheaper than a midi merge :wink:
You’re right though, thanks for pointing that out.

yes Strophoid is right , you can use something like the phil reese midi merge but a midi interface would be easyer cheaper and more practical

Hi Jarno and vic-france,

thank you for the (right) suggestions! :smiley: