2 keyboards playing different vst's simultaneously

I’m trying to get two keyboards to play two different sounds simultaneously. Here’s what I’ve done:

I create two different tracks and open a vst in Kontakt in each one. I assign the midi input to the appropriate keyboard and specify channel 1 for one of them, 2 for the other and do the same within the kontakt vst (Port A-channel 1, Port A-channel 2 respectively).

When only one is selected only the appropriate keyboard triggers the selected sound. However, when I activate them both, both keyboards trigger both sounds. I’ve tried channel filtering using the input transformer but it hasn’t made a difference.

What am I missing? Any advice or recommendations are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

It’s a bit hard to tell exactly from your description. When you say “selected” what exactly do you mean by that? Perhaps some screenshots would be useful. Are your Instrument (or are they Midi) Tracks set so they respond to a specific midi channel or is it set to “any”? You might also insert a MIDI Monitor on each track to see what’s actually happening.

Are both of these keyboards hooked up by independent USB cables or MIDI interfaces? If so…
In the track inspector change the in ports from “All Inputs” to the specific device/port for each keyboard.

If you’re daisy chaining into a single MIDI input, then you’d set each Keyboard to different MIDI channels and use transformer inserts on each track to filter out all but the channel(s) that can trigger a given track. Be sure to click the little red button at the top of the inserts strip.

Thank you both for your prompt responses.

Yes, they are both plugged in by separate usb cables and configured to the appropriate channels in the track inspector as well as correspondingly in Kontakt.

I realized the problem that I was having was that I was using chord pads which were affecting the whole track and it worked just fine when I closed it. I also then realized I could go into the chords inspector of the midi instrument I did not want to respond to it and set player type to “No Player” and be able to use it as desired. I decided to post this so hopefully anyone else having the same difficulty may be helped by it.

Thanks again!