2 macs one dongle Help!!!

I have bought cubase 5 thinking that i can run it on a laptop with my mobile rig when needed. Then when i need to mix whats been recorded copy the cubase files from laptop to the main studio computer. ( sounds simple enough )
the dongle is only in one computer at a time so im not trying to pull a fast one on steinberg or anything i just thought that this would be possible.

Does any body else ever use it on different machines?? it works on the laptop but when i plug the dongle in to the other mac it says key error…

Any help would really be appreciated.


Yes, without any problems…

Thanks Thinkingcap for a quick reply.

Did you have to register the dongle twice or did you just simply plug in and go??

Thanks again

Plug in and go of course… (you´ll need the eLCC sotware on both machines though…)

Yep thats what i thought, i did all the updates on both machines including the licence software. It worked for a short while the started with a silly error message.


I have tried reinstalling it but its still the same.


Though it´s probably not me, but someone might be able to help further if you posted that “silly error message”. Do you have the lates eLC software on both machines, tried a different USB port…?


The error is as the follows;

(It’s a Mac powerbook running 10.5.8)

You plug in the dongle, open Cubase. Cubase starts loading on the intro screen

then you get this:

elicenser control - error
App C 5M6 has caused the following error:
Appliance not registered

When you press OK it then shows up error messages for the loading of REVerence Music and Halion One

These give you only OK options

You press OK about 8/9 times as the screen reappears

Suddenly Cubase aborts

Any ideas anybody,???

Many Thanks

Update eLicenser.

Yes, make sure you have the latest elicence software update on the second Mac.

Or maybe there’s a dodgy USB port in play?

Once the license is on the dongle it will work on any machine you want to install the software on. Mac or PC.

No fancy tricks neded…