2 major bugs!

Both of these bugs are related to the same Regioning issues that have come into place since the new Offline Processing.

First the reverse bug

I have gaps of silence after and before the visible sample.
I hit reverse and it should only reverse the region i am looking at (this is how it has always worked)
Since the bug, it only looks at the whole sample so my reversed sound ends up somewhere in a region not visible.

now the pitch shift bug

Same thing, gaps of silence before and after visible sample.
I pitch shift without any time correction, only having the 1 beat (1/4 bar) sample visible,
it should only pitch what is in this region, yet it doesn’t, it treats the whole original sample and the attack of my kick is now missing somewhere which isn’t inside my region anymore as the time has shifted.

This has nothing to do with processing shared clips or new versions.


Are you on Cubase 10.0.15? It works to me as expected with this update.

Yes i am and it doesn’t work as expected.


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Yes, just did it and loaded with factory preferences.
It is still broken.
Uncheck time correction.
change the pitch a few times up or down and you will notice it does not behave correctly, you will start to see elements outside the region showing.

chop a snare from a loop for example, play with the pitch amount once or twice and the bug will occur.
you will start to see the rest of the loop region (other percussion elements) pop into existence.

I have tested this error on OSX & windows and on several of my colleagues setups.
All of them have this bug, even the guy who just started fresh to cubase a few months ago and doesn’t have any preferences setup or weird old settings that may be causing errors from old cubase versions…